4 tips to take care of gray hair in women aged 50 and over

Do you remember when you first saw gray hair? You may try to hide it or cut it out. You may have tried dyeing or coloring your hair naturally. But not everyone follows a hair care routine after a certain age. Although growing gray hair is good. But don’t make your hair dull or dull by not taking care of your strands. You can keep your hair shiny even if you are past the 50 mark. All you need to do is follow some simple hair care tips.

Health Shots connects with Noida dermatologist Dr. Anupama Bisaria to find out how women over 50 can take care of gray hair.

She says that the biggest cause of gray hair becoming dull is the free radical damage to the hair due to UV rays. There is no melanin for protection. and exposes the structure of the hair to the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Another reason for gray hair to have a yellow tint is a diet low in protein and calcium. When a woman enters menopause Calcium absorption is further reduced. So my hair was weak and lost its shine.

Gray hair can also become frizzy as you age. Oil glands produce less sebum. Which is responsible for lubricating the hair and skin. This leads to drier pores. So you have dry and damaged hair.

gray hair care tips
These tips will help you deal with gray hair! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Hair Care Tips for Women Over 50

Many times we neglect our hair. and when damage to the core of the hair However, it cannot be reversed, Dr Bisaria said. Women also accept unhealthy hair as a side effect of menopause. And they didn’t even try to save me. Experts say gray hair needs more care than black hair. Therefore, it is important to take deep care of your hair every 15 days. while styling gray hair The temperature of the styling product should be set lower as it tends to break easily. to avoid damage Here are some basic tips to follow!

1. Use a mild shampoo.

To wash your hair, choose a mild shampoo. You can choose an SLS-free shampoo. Shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate are effective for deep cleansing of the hair. but may be harsh on colour-treated hair chemically treated hair and dry, frizzy hair

2. Use a good conditioner.

Use after shampooing and leave the conditioner on for 5 to 7 minutes to allow the proteins to penetrate the hair shaft and coat the hair. You can also use leave-in conditioner. Because gray hair tends to look dry and frizzy. A moisturizing hair mask can also do wonders.

gray hair care tips
Gray hair tends to be dry and frizzy. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Choose a serum

A heat protecting serum can be used if you like heat styling. Use a silicon-containing serum or hair sealant. experts recommend In this way, your hair will be protected from heat and friction from combing.

4. Cover your hair

summer or winter Try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat. Especially when you know you’ll be exposed to UV rays for a long time. Using hair accessories will help prevent sun damage.

Also, comb your hair gently to avoid hair loss. which is common in old age Dull or gray hair with yellow undertones is anything but attractive or healthy. So take good care of your locks.

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