5 Benefits of Using a Scalp Serum

Raise your hand if you frequently suffer from hair loss, dandruff and dry scalp. Although there are many solutions. But we’re here to reveal why you should include a scalp serum in your daily hair care regimen. strong hair

Health Shots asked Dr. Shuchin Bajaj of the Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals to explain the benefits of using a scalp serum and how it can help reduce scalp issues such as dryness, dandruff and even scalp infections.

Dr. Bajaj says, “Because scalp serums are specifically designed to treat the skin on your scalp. therefore can provide many benefits Washing your hair too much can damage your scalp and make it dry and rough. Natural and chemical-based serums help keep the scalp hydrated and treat certain scalp conditions, which are also good for hair health.”

Here are the top 5 benefits of scalp serums.

1. Moisturizing

Scalp serums can help keep your scalp hydrated and prevent dryness, flaking, and itching.

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Serums can improve the quality of your hair. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Promote hair growth

Some scalp serums contain ingredients like biotin, vitamins, and minerals that can support hair growth and help improve the overall health of your hair.

3. Prevent Hair Loss

Some scalp serums can help regulate sebum production. This is an oil that can clog pores and cause hair loss.

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4. Reduce dandruff

Scalp serums that contain ingredients like tea tree oil can help reduce the symptoms of dandruff. including itching and flaking

5. Improves the overall health of your hair.

Scalp serum can nourish and protect the scalp and hair. make you look healthier You can experience natural hair growth.

scalp serum
Nourish your hair with serum. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

It’s important to note that the specific benefits you may experience will depend on the ingredients in the scalp serum you choose. as well as the needs of your individual hair and scalp.

How to use scalp serum?

Follow these steps to use the scalp serum:

Step 1: before using the serum You want to make sure your hair is product-free and wet. Therefore, it should be used after bathing.

Step 2: Wash your hair with a mild, natural shampoo, followed by conditioner. Your hair is ready for serum!

Step 3: when your hair is almost dry Drop 2-3 drops of the hair serum on your palm and rub it together for a few minutes to warm up the serum.

Step 4: Now part your hair and start applying the serum gently on your scalp. Apply all over the head. Do not rub the serum, do it smoothly.

record: Don’t forget to apply the serum all over the front and back of your hair.

Step 5: When you’ve finished using the serum. Massage the scalp in circular motions for at least 10 minutes with your fingertips to ensure the serum is well distributed.

Step 6: Now divide your hair into sections and apply hair serum along the lengths of your hair as well.

scalp serum
You can fix basic hair problems with this serum right away. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

You can use it the night before you wash your hair. However, the scalp serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly. So there is no need to rinse. when used regularly You’ll notice a healthier scalp and thicker hair in about 3-4 weeks.

Take away

Scalp serums not only treat scalp infections and keep them hydrated and nourished. It also creates a protective barrier around your hair. and heal and repair your hair from all types of damage. So use a scalp serum to reflect shine and improve the health of your hair!

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