5 exercises that don’t work for weight loss

Everyone says exercise will help you lose weight. You must have noticed that running every day helps achieve that goal. Just like jumping you have to use a jump rope. Have fun and take you back to your childhood when the playground used to be your favorite hangout spot. Some people like to go to the gym and let the professionals do it. Yes, exercise works. But not all of them are for weight loss, so it’s very important to sit down with a professional. who can guide you through for successful weight loss You must avoid certain types of exercise.

Most people are bound to work and household chores. Therefore, taking the time to exercise is not always easy. for these people 5 minute workout to lose weight can work wonders. It’s also true that not all exercises are beneficial in terms of weight loss, so HealthShots reached out to fitness expert Varun Rattan to understand which exercises to avoid during weight loss.

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You must avoid certain exercises if you want to lose weight. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Here are some ineffective exercises for weight loss:

1. twist

At the gym, it’s not uncommon to see people writhing around on those small, round platforms. People will sometimes argue that such exercises target the sides and help you lose. Your ‘love handle’

However, these movements do not create resistance for the muscles to work. So you can work out for hours without burning calories or gaining strength, says Rattan.

2. Dumbbells bent laterally.

when you hold a dumbbell in each hand Dumbbells will offset each other. As a result, the core muscles require minimal effort. This makes the dumbbell-loaded side bent, an ineffective exercise for strengthening the core. another option Experts recommend that you hold one dumbbell in one hand. This will be enough to challenge the obliques and quadratus lumborum (the deepest muscles of the back) on the opposite side.

3. Crunch

Crunching is a popular exercise for people who want to lose weight and get rid of belly fat. Although it targets the abdominal muscles. But crunching only burns a small fraction of the calories. which is not enough for weight loss If you already have a flat stomach Crunching will give you more portion. But it doesn’t help get rid of the fat that closes the middle of the body.

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Some exercises may not help you burn calories. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Kidnapping and Abduction Exercises

Many people use this method to get rid of fat on their inner or outer thighs. But it has no direct effect on fat over muscle. If your goal is to strengthen your inner and outer thighs. Choose a belted lunge exercise on either side.

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5. Triceps Extensions and Dumbbell Curls

Tricep extensions and dumbbell curls are popular options. But it won’t target the fat on your arms. It also doesn’t burn as many calories compared to multi-component exercises like push-ups or rowing. (Benefits of Rowing) However, they help your arms become stronger.

So if your weight loss goal this year is to avoid these exercises!

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