5 exercises to avoid during menstruation

When pain, cramps, mood swings and laziness takes over your body You know it’s that time of the month. Menstruation means rest and hardly getting out of bed. If you can actually do it! in fact You have household chores to do and office work. Therefore, taking leave every month may not be possible. Paid monthly leave is not a reality. So you have to do everything during menstruation. But exercising during menstruation is something many women do. People are not on their to-do list. It is best not to stop exercising during your period. Just avoid certain exercises during that time. experts say

HealthShots connects with celebrity trainer Praveen Nair, who shares everything about menstrual fitness.

Exercises to avoid during menstruation
Avoid these exercises during menstruation. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Exercises to avoid during menstruation

Regular exercise is good for your body and mind. In fact, there is no scientific reason why you should skip exercise during your period. Nair says you should keep exercising. but reduce the weight especially if you feel tired You can change your workout. Takes more time to recover And honor what your body can do.

Here’s what to avoid –

1. Intense Cardio

High-intensity cardio exercises tend to result in heavier periods. And it can lead to more stress on your mind and body.

2. Heavy Weight Training

If you have menstrual cramps from the first day Depending on your period and pain, avoid lifting weights for the first few days. experts say Give your body time to recover and don’t do any type of exercise if you feel tired.

3. Upside down yoga pose

Most yoga poses can be performed during your period. But the upside down yoga postures that should not be performed during this time. Shoulder leaning, head leaning, and plowing are highly discouraged during this time. Standing with your head high can cause blood vessels to clog in the uterus. This results in excessive menstrual flow, Nair said.

4. Avoid squats and cramps.

Women with pelvic pain should not do squats. This can cause discomfort. Crunching can make you feel more uncomfortable.

5. Jumping and high-intensity exercise

It is advisable to avoid strenuous or prolonged exercise if you feel fatigued. This will make you drain faster and increase your menstrual flow.

Exercises that women can do during menstruation

when a woman menstruates Many people tend to neglect exercise during their periods. But not exercising for five days is also not the right thing to do.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Idle

Walking in the park or on the street in the sun can help your body and muscles relax and unwind without disturbing your menstrual cycle.

Exercises to avoid during menstruation
You can go for a light walk at intervals. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Pilates

Whether it’s your first day or your last day. You can also do Pilates during your period. It helps reduce uncomfortable menstrual symptoms such as cramping, abdominal pain, and fatigue, Nair says.

3. Light Yoga

You can start with gentle yoga styles as these will strengthen and relax your body.

4. Light aerobics

Light aerobic exercise can help reduce PMS symptoms. Mood swings and discomfort can be alleviated with light cardio.

5. Small amounts of strength training and strenuous activity

They help release endorphins, your happy hormone. This will ultimately help alleviate your mood swings.

So, choose the right exercise during your period to boost your endorphins and combat painful periods and reduce PMS symptoms.

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