5 face yoga to slow down signs of aging

We love glowing and toned skin after a facial! Ever wondered why it happened? The technique used in facial massage involves acupressure points on your face, neck and shoulders, which enhance your skin’s natural glow. Luckily, this is the same thing that facial yoga can do for your skin as well. It consists of a series of exercises and stretches for your facial muscles. These activities can strengthen the facial muscles. increase blood circulation and resulting in reduced wrinkles and deep grooves Check out some yoga poses to slow down aging!

Can face yoga make your skin look radiant and younger?

Face yoga improves skin elasticity. Reduce wrinkles and deep grooves and promotes a youthful appearance. In addition, facial yoga helps in lymphatic drainage. healthy breathing Managing Headaches and Migraines and many other physical advantages

The benefits of face yoga for mental health make it an inviting practice. Practicing regularly can help you stay present. Reduce stress and anxiety And it can also boost your self-esteem. So, start your face yoga journey right now by doing this 5-minute routine, which is easy and convenient to practice.

Here is a simple 5 minute anti-aging face yoga routine:

1. Face tapping

It is the most important practice that should be incorporated into your daily routine. start from the forehead Tap the skin rhythmically across the face towards the jaw. This will help the facial muscles soften, stretch and become stronger. Keep touching your face for 2 minutes.

face yoga exercise
Touching your face regularly can help you fight skin aging! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Circles around the eyes

Practicing yoga around the eyes can increase oxygen flow and relieve puffiness. Start by placing your ring finger on the inside of your eyebrow, then gently touching it outward, followed by pressing down on your temple. Continue touching above the cheekbones to the inner corner of the eyes. Practice for 1 minute.

3. The forehead is smoother.

Forehead smoother, lift eyebrows, smooth forehead lines Prevent droopy eyelids and release tension. First, place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the forehead along the hairline. Then press down the length of your finger firmly. then move down slightly towards the eyebrows while raising them up Hold the pose for ten seconds while taking a deep breath. Continue for 1 minute.

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4. The lower eyelids are firmer.

This exercise strengthens the upper and lower eyelids. increase blood circulation Brighten your skin. and reduce puffiness under the eyes. In this practice, place your middle finger on the inner corner of your eye and your index finger on the outside. Then squint with your lower eyelid and feel the muscles under your fingers tighten. Repeat 10 times, holding your upper eyelid open for 1 minute.

face yoga exercise
Try this exercise and see the change. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Regular and continuous practice will provide you with all the benefits of face yoga for anti-aging.


Anyone can easily do face yoga in their spare time as it is a non-invasive method. It is also the most natural way to give your skin a long lasting inner glow. All in all, face yoga is extremely beneficial for your skin!

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