5 Health Benefits of Lifting Your Legs Every Day

Most of us spend hours each day either sitting or moving. Enthusiasm and movement keep us fit. However, once in a while it’s good to sit back and relax with some leg lifts before taking a night’s nap. In addition to making you feel relaxed. Sleeping with your legs elevated has also added health benefits. If you are considering doing this. Read why you must!

Health Shots reached out to yoga expert Abhishek to understand the health benefits of leg raises.

Why should you lift your legs every day?

While going to the gym or doing various yoga asanas It is believed to improve your health. Lying down with your legs elevated or lifting your legs up a wall is also beneficial to your health. Read on to know about them.

Health benefits of raising your legs
Get your legs right and support yourself from the wall! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Improve blood circulation

You can increase the blood flow in your upper body by elevating your legs. Wondering what? Gravity is its answer. due to gravity The blood within our body continues to function in the lower parts of the body for some time. The reason behind this is that the oxygen-depleted blood in our body returns to our heart through our veins. Unlike our arteries, our blood vessels have low pressure. to aid in the smooth movement of our blood These veins use tiny valves. and contractile movements of surrounding muscles to help move blood back to our hearts

while sitting or standing The oxygen-depleted blood must defy gravity to reach the heart. when you lift your leg Gravity will be on your side. In addition to helping other organs in the body It also improves blood flow in the veins of the legs.

“The leg-up wall pose is also helpful for people with low blood pressure. edema of the legs and feet or chronic venous insufficiency,” the expert added.

2. Reduce swelling

when blood accumulates in different parts too much of the body It causes inflammation or swelling. Swelling can also occur from injury or certain health conditions. likewise Elevating your legs above the level of your heart increases blood flow and effectively drains excess fluid.

3. Relieve tension in the hamstrings and lower back.

“Elevated leg raises gently stretch your hamstrings, buttocks, hips and spine. It also frees your body from tension in the lower back area. It reduces the curvature of the lumbar spine and relieves tension in the lumbar region. If you practice this pose continuously. You will notice improved back pain and improved flexibility,” experts say.

Health benefits of raising your legs
5 Awesome Benefits of Leg Up the Wall Pose Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Improve Digestion

The Leg Up Wall pose stimulates the body’s neural response and aids in digestion.

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5. Reduce muscle cramps

experts say “Elevating your legs is the best solution to reduce built-up tension and relieve muscle soreness in your legs and feet. It also helps to relax the pelvic muscles and relieve menstrual cramps.”

bottom line

The leg raise either on the wall or on the mat is an uplifting yoga pose. This relaxes the mind and body and relieves stress or tension. This is one of the most accessible yoga poses as it does not require too much flexibility or strength.

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