6 Makeup Mistakes That Make Facial Acne Worse

Are you stuck in the trap of breakouts or acne? In addition to eating foods that are high in fat. exposure to pollution and changes in hormone levels Makeup mistakes can also lead to a vicious cycle of acne. Makeup is actually meant to make your skin look better, not worse. However, some makeup contains ingredients that trigger acne. And the way you use the product can also be a contributing factor. Let’s see what mistakes you should avoid when applying makeup to prevent acne.

Make-up mistakes to avoid acne

Here are six common makeup mistakes that can result in breakouts and breakouts:

1. Go to bed with your makeup on.

If you just use make-up remover pads at night to remove your make-up, It shows that you are not doing enough. It’s important to remove your makeup before you go to bed.

make-up mistakes
Wash off your makeup every time and go to bed. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Day clothes can hold dirt and oil. Increase the risk of acne. Use makeup removers with special ingredients instead of removing makeup. Or double cleanse your face before going out at night.

2. Use dirty hands to apply makeup.

If you don’t wash your hands before applying makeup You may be transferring bacteria and dirt from your fingertips to your face. This is one of the quickest causes of acne. Wash your hands before and after applying makeup and use a makeup brush to apply.

3. Use expired products.

Do not leave cosmetics that have been opened for a long time or that have passed their expiration date. The shelf life of cosmetics used on the face is limited. And it doesn’t have to last as long as you think.

You should change your mascara every three months. And change eyeliner and eyeshadow every six to twelve months. The shelf life of face, foundation and powder makeup is usually 12 months or you should always refer to the expiration date listed on the product.

make-up mistakes
Do not use expired products. Image Courtesy: Freepik

The most dangerous cosmetics are liquid or cream cosmetics. which when used after the expiration date can retain microorganisms If you still use that old makeup Your skin will pick up on additional bacteria as they spread.

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4. Use makeup products together and don’t wash them thoroughly.

Do you share makeup brushes and sponges with others and don’t wash them often? One of the biggest cosmetic mistakes that can result in acne is this one.

You should try to avoid sharing makeup with others. Using other people’s tools or products exposes you to oils and germs that can harm your skin. This can eventually lead to breakouts. It’s also important to keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean to prevent breakouts. Contaminated makeup brushes can spread acne-causing germs all over your face.

5. Cover blemishes with makeup.

Allowing your existing acne to worsen by wearing makeup without protecting it with sunscreen. Moisturizer And anti-acne creams are one of those makeup mistakes that cause breakouts. Take care of acne-prone skin before applying foundation. Also, avoid makeup on exposed pores. Otherwise it may cause infection. Let your skin heal first. and then make up only

make-up mistakes
You increase your risk of acne when you wear makeup. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Don’t let your skin breathe by letting the day pass.

frequent make-up causing your skin to not get enough air to breathe Just like wearing too much makeup can cause acne or aggravate it. Your skin will benefit from a break. If you try to go makeup-free at least once a week.

So girls, don’t repeat the same mistake if you want to get rid of pimples!

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