7 Reasons Why Drinking Lemon Water Every Day Is Healthy

Published: April 15, 2023, 10:45 a.m.

Lemons are a tart and sour fruit that is another miracle of nature. It is a source of energy for vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, folate and potassium. Full of healthy nutrients Help strengthen the immune system. reduce the risk of heart disease prevent kidney stones improve iron absorption and improves the texture of the skin. These good-looking little balls of goodness aren’t just for adding a splash of color or tartness to your food or drink. Regular use of lemon juice can prevent many health problems.

Health Shots Contacted nutritionist Dr. Avni Kaul to learn about the various health benefits. of drinking lemon juice every day

Drink lemon water for these health benefits.

Drinking lemon water has many benefits!

1. Relieve a sore throat

“Drinking warm water after adding a little honey and lemon is a well-known home remedy for sore throat sufferers. This mixture may help soothe a sore throat. The vitamin C in lemon also cleans your throat and boosts your immunity,” experts say.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Get in the habit of drinking warm lemon water to keep your digestive system healthy. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Keep Kidney Stones at Bay

Lemon juice can also help prevent kidney stones by increasing urinary citrate levels. Citrate binds with calcium, which helps prevent kidney stones from forming.

3. Helps in Digestion

The peel and pulp of lemons are rich in soluble fiber called pectin. It also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the liver. Helps to eliminate waste from the body.

4. Help control blood sugar levels.

“Eating fiber-rich fruits can help keep your blood sugar levels under control. Hence, it prevents the increase in sugar levels. This reduces the risk of developing diabetes or may help diabetics manage their symptoms,” experts say.

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5. Helps to lose weight.

Lemons contain pectin and their juice helps you feel full longer. This will make your weight loss goals more attainable. especially from low-density sources such as fruit, helping to reduce weight and body fat

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Citrus fruits like lemons help in weight loss and boost immunity with vitamin C.

6. It’s a good source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are essential compounds that protect your cells from free radicals resulting from increased oxidative stress in the body. in high volume These free radicals are responsible for damaging your cells and can cause chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and many cancers.

7. Helps in enhancing immunity

Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Which is a nutrient that boosts our immune system.
Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells in our body which protects the body from infections and diseases. Vitamin C also reduces the duration and severity of colds. Vitamin C also helps wounds heal faster by reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that aids in wound repair.

Plus, lemon juice from lemons is an amazing source of antioxidants that help strengthen your immune system by protecting your cells from free radical damage.

Despite the benefits mentioned above You must avoid using lemon juice if you are allergic to citrus fruits or if you consume too much. In addition to the benefits Lemon juice also has side effects.

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