80% Diet and 20% Exercise: Is This the Biggest Weight Loss Myth?

Health for most people is a number on the scale. Their weight is what determines whether they are healthy or unhealthy and is the only criterion they usually consider. Their goal is to have an ideal weight and beauty, making them strive to choose a fit lifestyle. but more often than not The path to optimum health is missing some key elements. in this process They end up believing a lot of weight loss myths.

One such myth is that 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise is what will give you results. Especially if you are someone trying to lose weight.

80% Exercise, 20% Diet, The Biggest Weight Loss Myth

We all know that a combination of exercise and diet is essential to achieve the above. But you must have heard people ask the ancient question, which is more important? It’s a general idea that in order to change your body composition and improve your overall health, 80 percent of your efforts should go to your diet and 20 percent to exercise. But is there any truth?

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Is it really 80% exercise and 20% diet? Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

There is no such thing as 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. It is always 100 percent diet and 100 percent exercise. Unhealthy nutrition or practicing only healthy nutrition without physical activity does not make you healthy or fit. It may seem like it has a positive effect on your body. Because it helps you move the scales to a more positive number. But that doesn’t cover your overall well-being.

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Balance is the key to fitness.

A simple look at fitness From the point of view of reaching a specific number on the scale, that’s a very narrow view of fitness. There’s a lot more to health and wellness than just a healthy weight. Fitness is all about reaching your peak performance level. taking into account your strength, endurance and flexibility. Including having a good body composition.

You go to the gym, play sports, or run to improve your running or lifting weights, for example, to strengthen your body. more flexible and help with patience at the same time You eat to keep you full, active, and active. This is because nutrition is the fuel needed to maintain body function. Fat reduction and improvement in body composition are by-products of maintaining a healthy balance. But cannot focus alone. You eat to nourish your body and train to perform better, giving 100 percent.

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There should be a balance between exercise and diet! Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym to lose weight. But it’s an imperfect way. This won’t give you consistency on the go. Unless you pay equal attention to both what you consume and how you exercise.

last word

Eating to fuel the body supports optimal functioning. And at the same time, training to increase your body’s potential and performance is the key to feeling fit. Equal consistency on both sides is what will automatically lead you towards your ideal body composition.

establishing healthy habits keeping clean guidelines And devoting time to your physical and inner well-being is the only way to be in perfect shape and perfection.

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