Are wooden combs really a game-changer for your hair?

a few years ago People only care about washing hair ingredients that contain harmful chemicals. But times have changed! Nowadays, people are realizing that it is also important to switch to a good hairbrush to prevent hair breakage. The point – the wooden comb! Recently, there have been many rumors about this hair product. It is claimed to do wonders for your hair! So we cleared the air and contacted a professional to see if it’s good for your hair!

Renowned cosmetologist Dr. Soma Sarkar spoke to Health Shots explaining why wooden combs are a better choice for hair health. And why is it worthy of propaganda!

Is choosing a wooden comb good for your hair?

Dr Sarkar explains the basic science behind wooden combs that plastic and metal combs can cause static electricity in your hair. Because it has a positive charge and your hair has a negative charge. It is also harmful to the environment. While wood has many benefits for your hair and the environment.

wooden comb benefits
Are wooden combs better for your hair? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Benefits of wooden combs for hair and scalp

Here are all the benefits of switching to a wooden comb:

1. Contains negative ions

The hair on your head has a negative charge. and wood too Does not cause static electricity and retains moisture in your hair. It also makes your hair look softer. experts explain

2. Environmentally friendly

Dr Sarkar said “Wooden combs are better than plastic and metal combs because they are environmentally friendly. They are organic and made from bamboo or neem bark. So they are easier to clean and more healthy. It is also reusable which makes it a good choice.”

3. Nourish hair and scalp

“The teeth of a wooden comb are softer than other combs. does not hurt the scalp Regular use of the wooden comb will help distribute the natural oils on the scalp and throughout the hair,” Dr. Sarkar elaborates. This will help your hair look smooth and glossy.

4. Boosts Hair Growth

If you want long, beautiful hair. Choose a wooden comb! Massage your scalp without bruising. It also improves blood circulation, which helps your hair grow longer and healthier, according to experts.

Are wooden combs good for hair growth? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Say goodbye to tangled and weak hair with this wooden comb!

Wooden combs don’t tangle your hair like plastic or metal combs. It flows smoothly through your hair and over your head. This makes it a safer choice for you. It also doesn’t break your hair and makes it stronger.

6. It is durable.

Wooden combs are often made from bamboo, which is a sustainable and renewable source. making it more durable It’s also easy to clean and easy to store, says Dr. Sarkar.

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