Are you doing the wrong pelvic floor exercise? Avoid these mistakes.

when we think of exercise It’s all about losing weight or making sure your weight doesn’t add up. Do you target your arms, thighs, or abs when you go to the gym? But you shouldn’t ignore your pelvic floor muscles. Because muscles hold organs in place, including the bowel, bladder, and vagina, that’s why pelvic floor exercises should be part of your exercise regimen. But there are times when women don’t do it right. Let’s see if you make any mistakes while doing pelvic floor exercises.

Pelvic health is important. So, to find out all about pelvic floor exercises, HealthShots caught up with Anavi Someshwar, a Mumbai-based fitness expert.

pelvic floor exercises
Are you doing pelvic floor exercises correctly? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What are pelvic floor exercises?

Pelvic floor exercises are movements that help strengthen the muscles that lie between the coccyx and pubic bone in the pelvis, as well as the core muscles. experts say

This is how they help women –

• Increase sexual pleasure and reduce pain.
• Simplify the childbirth process.
• Prevent prolapse of the pelvic floor.
• Strengthen your back and core muscles for added support during pregnancy.

Common Mistakes While Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises

Someshwar says pelvic floor exercises are safe for everyone. As long as they are done with the correct technique.

Here are some common mistakes that some women make-

• hold your breath
• Enter and squeeze the wrong muscles.
• Invalid form.
• Follow a monotonous program with no regard for progress.
• Impatient, inconsistent, giving up before results are seen.

pelvic floor exercises
If you have strong pelvic floor muscles You can have increased sensitivity during sex. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how to do it right—

• Make sure you are in a neutral pelvic position.
• Engage your core by pulling your belly button up through your chest and back toward your spine without holding your breath.
• Imagine you’re wearing a tight dress or high-waisted pants. or a zip-up jacket that’s 2 sizes smaller for you.
• Imagine that you urgently need to use the bathroom but you are in control.
• Make sure you exhale gently through your mouth as if you were blowing out a small candle every time you exercise.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Try

If you have strong pelvic floor muscles You can have increased sensitivity during sex and have a stronger orgasm, according to the National Health Service.

Try these pelvic floor exercises –

1. Glue Bridge

• Lie faceup on the floor with your knees bent and feet parallel, hip-distance apart. put your hands beside
• Engage your core, squeeze your glutes, and raise your hips to create a natural arch in your lower back.
• Squeeze the top and gently. let down with control Exhale as you squeeze up. inhale at the top and exhale as you lower.

2. march

• Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet parallel, hip-distance apart. Keep your hands by your side
• while exercising the core Squeeze your butt and lift one leg off the floor to a tabletop position.
• Slowly lower one leg and lift the other leg. then alternate

3. Sumo Squat

• Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart. Then separate your feet so that the toes point to one side.
• Maintain a neutral pelvis. Push your knees out in the downward direction. maintain an upright posture
• Exhale, squeeze your buttocks as you stand up. And imagine you’re zipping up a pair of high-waisted pants.
• Track your knees and lower them again.

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