Avoid making these 6 facial serum mistakes.

The skin care industry has been revolutionary. People are becoming more and more aware of how best to take care of their skin. and have skin care products moisturizing serum and a plethora of other skin care options. While most people follow a morning and night skin care routine, Sometimes they may find that their serum is ineffective or does not show any improvement. We’ll reveal the reasons why your skincare serum isn’t working.

Read on for 6 serum mistakes you need to stop making:

1. Not applying the serum at the right time

Not applying your serum or other skincare products at the right time could be one reason. For example, apply sunscreen during the day. And the retinol serum should be used at night. Always make sure to use serums and other skincare products. As recommended by your skin or as mentioned on the product. And follow the proper rules to get the most out of it.

2. You did not check the concentration of the active ingredient in your serum.

Always check the concentration of active ingredients in your chosen serum or skincare product. The active ingredients in a skincare product are those that work to address the skin concerns that the product is supposed to target. If the concentration is too high or too low This may be the reason why the desired results are not seen. Higher concentrations can damage your skin in the long run and should not be used every day. Use the correct concentration of product to avoid unwanted damage.

Serum mistakes
It’s especially important to check the active ingredients in your skin care products, such as serums. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Lack of regularity in skin care

This doesn’t have to be said. Consistency is the key! If you don’t follow your skin care routine You may not get the results you want. Make sure to apply the serum regularly for best results.

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4. Ignore the expiration date.

Using expired products can cause damage. So always be sure to check. The product you are using may have passed its expiration date. And many times this product may be forgotten or not reviewed by you. It is possible that your serum is not showing any effect because it has expired.

Also, it’s often in the habit of buying and hoarding skincare. We bought the product and didn’t use it for several months. This means that the product has not passed its expiration date. but expired due to inactivity for six months or more Doing so means your serum has expired and has lost its effectiveness.

5. Improper storage

Skin care products should always be stored at the correct room temperature. If the storage temperature is too high, for example in the bathroom, or due to direct sunlight or hot and humid conditions. Products may lose their effectiveness. For example, vitamin C serums must always be stored in a cool, dark place to avoid exposure to sunlight or heat to prevent oxidation.

Serum mistakes
keep in a cool place Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Climate change

Seasonal or weather changes can make skin irritated and sensitive to certain compounds. In summer, moisturizing serums/moisturizers are good for our skin. In winter, skin becomes dry and flaky. And the serum can be layered by combining it with a concealing moisturizer.

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