Bath Mistakes That Can Damage Your Skin and Hair

Taking a shower might seem like the easiest thing to do. you just need water bath products And you’re ready to go. No, it’s not that simple. whether women realize it or not Many people make mistakes in the shower that can damage their skin and hair. May dry or irritate skin. Read on to find out if you’re showering the wrong way every day.

HealthShots has linked up with Dr. Brij Vallabh, Internal Medicine Consultant, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur to help identify common bathing mistakes.

mistake in bath
Avoid Bathing Mistakes for Healthy Hair and Skin Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Bath Mistakes to Avoid

If you can relate to the following points Shows that you are bathing in the wrong way.

1. Use hot water while washing your hair.

Using hot water in winter is a common habit. But using it to wash your hair can affect your scalp’s pH and can damage the cuticle, says Dr. Wallabh. Try to wash your hair with room temperature water. and if you can’t Wash your hair with warm water.

2. Using very hot water on the body for a long time

Of course, taking a cold shower in winter is not recommended. But don’t scald with hot water either. If you shower with too hot water and for too long Your skin loses its natural oils, so it’s not just your hair. But also your skin can be affected by hot baths.

3. Rub your hair vigorously.

Rubbing your hair vigorously while washing it in different directions can cause breakage. (The secret to treating split ends from the middle) instead of a rough shampoo massage. Massage the shampoo into your fingertips with gentle pressure, then rinse, experts recommend.

4. Wash your face before using hair styling products completely.

Shampoos and conditioners contain preservatives that may drip onto your forehead and hairline. If not rinsed off, it can cause itching and irritation. Product residue can clog pores, which can lead to breakouts. (How to cure acne) to avoid these skin problems. Wash it out. then take a shower as usual for the rest

mistake in bath
Try not to shower after eating. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Take a shower after eating.

Taking a shower immediately after eating can affect your digestion process. Digestion requires a good level of blood flow to the stomach. So showering immediately after eating can divert blood flow to the skin, potentially affecting the digestion process, explains Dr. Wallabh.

Some people head straight to the bathroom after intense exercise. you sweat a lot And you just want to get rid of it after your workout. Let’s cool down and take a shower. It’s important to shower after your workout to cleanse your body of sweat and foreign bacteria that you might pick up during your workout. It may also help reduce muscle soreness by mobilizing lactic acid from your muscles.

Don’t forget to apply lotion after showering. Because it will help maintain the moisture of the skin.

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