Bean sprouts are the perfect immune booster! this is why

No one wants to catch a cold when the seasons change or get sick often. Although medication can help. But it’s not the best way to stay healthy. People are always looking for other options. related to their lifestyles Food is what we think has the answer to most of our problems, so a quick online search for foods to boost your immune system will give you many results. Be sure to include bean sprouts on this list too. Bean sprouts have many health benefits and are good for immunity.

Health Image linked up with Ishrat Jahan, Senior Clinical Nutritionist, BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi to find out what makes sprouts the perfect immune booster.

sprouts for immunity
Bean sprouts are good for building immunity. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What are bean sprouts?

many bean sprouts Maids are young plants that are harvested a few days after germination. Some popular types of bean sprouts are bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts. Lentil Sprouts and bean sprouts They’re rich in fiber. essential amino acids, vitamins D, AC, K and E, Jahan says. It’s also a good source of iron, magnesium, folate and calcium.

sprouts for immunity

There are many ways to boost the immune system. And eating bean sprouts can help.

This is why bean sprouts are good for immunity!

• Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C. This is a very essential vitamin for a strong immune system.
• Bean sprouts help the body absorb nutrients better. because when the seeds are soaked The tannin and phytic acid content is reduced. experts say
• Bean sprouts are rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. These minerals help regulate the number of red blood cells in the body. And these red blood cells influence the immune response.
• The sprouting process also increases the content of antioxidants, protein and fiber. This improves your body’s defenses against disease and bacteria.

Health Benefits of Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are good for building immunity. But there are more health benefits than that. Sprouts promote better digestion of carbohydrates and proteins. According to Jahan, sprouts trigger the release of enzymes to pre-digest starch. May help with intestinal health and reduce intestinal gas

Sprouting does not change the nutritional value of the plant. For example, plant foods contain phytates that bind to minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. This prevents those minerals from being absorbed into the body. We don’t have enzymes to destroy phytates. But the budding process releases enzymes in the plant to do so. This makes it possible to absorb minerals freely.

sprouts for immunity
You can add bean sprouts to sandwiches and salads. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

So add bean sprouts to your sandwich or salad. It’s also easy to add to warm dishes like rice dishes, stir-fries, omelets, and soups. You should keep some things in mind.

Although you can always buy bean sprouts from the store. But you can also grow bean sprouts at home.

How to grow sprouts at home?

All you have to do is put the seeds in a jar or bowl and add water. The water should be at least two to three times more than the seeds in the bowl. Store out of direct sunlight at room temperature for 8 to 12 hours after the seeds have finished soaking and the germination process has begun. Now it’s time to wash and drain until the sprouts begin to sprout.

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