Biotin vs Keratin: Which Hair Treatment is Better?

If you are reading this Chances are high that you will come across terms such as keratin, cysteine, PRP, hair botox, etc. Medical terminology is already difficult to understand. and even more complicated because Many ‘skin influencers’ post their opinions. Let’s break down the basic terms related to skin and hair from a dermatologist’s perspective – I promise I’ll simplify them so you can become an expert. on these topics

What is Biotin?

Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins. To be precise, it’s vitamin B7. B vitamins are all water soluble. This means there are no problems with ‘overdose’ or ‘toxicity’ – you drink enough water. Then the kidneys will drive it out *Wow*

biotin for hair
Is biotin the perfect treatment for your hair? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What does biotin do?

Helps nourish hair from the roots you think biotin you think of hair It gives strength and good texture. That’s why whenever there is a multivitamin deficiency. Hair becomes dull and lifeless. And you may experience a lot of hair loss. However, it’s unlikely that people are deficient in biotin alone. In fact, it lacks many nutrients.

Those who are unable to maintain good health eat nutritious food and have vitamin deficiency which results in hair loss Biotin supplements should be taken.

Where do we get nature from?

Milk, nuts, seeds, nuts, rajma, chola and egg yolks are excellent sources of biotin. Keep in mind that people who eat raw egg whites can develop biotin deficiency as it is not absorbed from the stomach.

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What is keratin?

Keratin is the main protein found in the skin, hair, and nails that gives strength to the hair. Keratin is an essential component of hair. The concentration and direction of the keratin varies by ethnicity. It makes my hair straight, curly, coarse and thin.

What does hair keratin treatment mean?

Here keratin is applied externally to heat treated hair to help soften and strengthen hair and straighten uncombed hair.

But keratin treatments have a dark side. And that’s in the form of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde or formalin is a chemical that straightens hair.

In the short term it can cause skin rashes, asthma and watery eyes. However, in the long term it can cause cancer. Of course, if you are a customer at the store. It doesn’t matter to you. Because you’ll get a keratin treatment from time to time, however, hairdressers face it every day, all day long, which is a problem.

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Even brands that claim to be 100 percent formaldehyde-free, the chemicals they contain are formaldehyde precursors. when combined with water Will eventually release formaldehyde

keratin treatment
Biotin vs Keratin: Which Treatment is Best for Your Hair? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Biotin vs Keratin: Which is Better?

Now you know the meaning of these words. It’s pretty clear which treatment is better – biotin! Biotin can be taken either through diet or through vitamin supplements. and help correct vitamin deficiency and strengthen hair from its roots. Whereas keratin is a temporary treatment as it only targets the hair shaft. and when new hair is born It will follow anyway. comes out in its natural state

Easy isn’t it? I told you so; I will make it easy for you

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