Burpees vs Jumping Jack: Which One is Better for Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be a job! with a lot of diet and exercise It can be difficult to keep track of what works best for you. One of the most commonly used and effective exercises that people do for weight control is the burpee. But what about jumping jacks? It also involves moving your hands as you jump frequently, just burpees, without the pushups and tiring! If you are wondering if Jumping Jacks can perform the same function. Let’s take a head-to-head comparison – Jumping Jacks vs Burpees!

What are Burpees?

Burpees are exercises. Whole-body callisthenics (that use your entire body for resistance) that focus on upper and lower body strength and endurance. It also strengthens your legs, hips, buttocks, abs, arms, chest and shoulders. They are often part of a high intensity training (HIIT) regimen. Studies have shown that this type of exercise effectively burns body fat.

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Benefits of Burpees for Weight Loss Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What is a jumping jack?

Jumping jacks are part of plyometric or jumping training. It is also a holistic exercise that combines the goodness of exercise and resistance. Most of the muscles work on the buttocks. quadriceps hip muscles Abdominal and shoulder muscles including some major muscle groups It increases your heart rate and helps you stay fit.

Performing jump slaps not only helps you lose weight. But it also helps you control your blood pressure. lowering cholesterol levels and reduced insulin sensitivity

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Jumping Jacks can help you lose weight. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Burpees vs. Jumping Jacks

Now we know what each exercise involves. It’s time for the million dollar question. Which one is better for weight loss? To find out, HealthShots reached out to health coach and fitness trainer Digvijay Singh.

Fitness coaches say that jumping jacks and burpees are two cardio exercises that can increase the intensity of your workout. Both of them are considered training exercises as they need to gain strength quickly. “however When it comes to losing weight, due to the amount of muscle used, burpees are harder than jumping slaps. Jumping jacks just need your leg muscles to support you. While burpees require both your arms and legs to keep you in plank, burpees burn more calories and improve your overall fitness.”

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So Burpees are more effective and for the right reasons. Sharing why the fast and strong won this weightlifting competition, Digijay outlines a few reasons. He describes it as one of the best HIIT routines for weight loss. Burpees are one of those bodyweight exercises that increase muscle mass while burning fat. In summary, burpees are:

  • A full-body workout that targets multiple muscles and strengthens the heart.
  • It may be difficult, but one thing that will help you lose weight.
  • Makes you nimble, nimble and has the energy to stay with you all day long.
  • Improve coordination and improve balance.

So Burpees can be your best friend on your weight loss journey. You can speed things up by trying new mods, however, this doesn’t make Jumping Jack the bad guy here! Although burpees are more effective. But jumping jacks are also helpful for weight loss.

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