Buttermilk Benefits: Why Summer Is Cooler Than Curd

Eating sour milk is a staple food in every Indian household. It cools the body. However, have you ever thought that Chaach or Buttermilk made from tofu itself might be better at cooling your body during hot summer days? According to Ayurveda, buttermilk is not only easy to digest. but also suitable for all body types Curd is believed to warm the body. While buttermilk naturally cools the body. If you’re intrigued Keep reading to understand why buttermilk is good for your body in terms of its cooling effect.

Health Shots reached out to Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, chief clinical nutritionist at Apollo Hospitals in Bengaluru, to understand why buttermilk is a better cooling agent than curd.

Health Benefits of Buttermilk vs Curd

When you eat sour milk Sour milk reacts with heat in the stomach and strongly stimulates the fermentation process. This raises the body temperature instead of cooling it down. However, the same does not happen when we drink buttermilk. because when you add water to the curd Fermentation will stop.

We can’t rule out the health benefits of a good chaach!

1. Helps in Digestion

Both sour milk and buttermilk are probiotics that help support healthy gut bacteria. This delicious yet healthy buttermilk drink is a powerhouse of probiotics, vitamins and key minerals. This keeps our body temperature low even in extreme heat conditions. So, you can drink a cool glass of buttermilk to revitalize your energy and naturally cool your body.

Pro tip: You can add condiments like cumin, pink salt, and coriander for additional digestive benefits. In India, people also add ghee (ghee) with firehing, ginger, paprika, and curry to aid in the digestion process. food

2. Buttermilk helps in weight loss.

“If your digestive fire is on and you have proper digestion. You can eat whole-fat curds to help you gain weight. You simply drink more buttermilk to water and less curd ratio,” experts say.

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3. Drinking buttermilk helps you feel lighter.

“The concentration of sour milk is hot. While buttermilk made using the same curd goes through a different process. And its formula will cool naturally. So we can avoid sour milk in the summer and use buttermilk instead,” experts say.

Stay hydrated this summer with chaas! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Other Benefits of Chaach

In addition to making digestion easier and fighting dehydration, Buttermilk also has other health benefits, experts point out.

• Helps relieve irritation of the intestinal mucosa after eating spicy food.
• Wash away the fat you consume in heavy meals.
• It is a good source of calcium and people with lactose intolerance must avoid drinking milk.
• Rich in vitamins and good for your health.
• The granule membranes of milk fat found in buttermilk help control high blood pressure. It is also a bioactive protein that helps regulate cholesterol.
• This same pack is also anti-virus. antibacterial and anti-cancer as well
• It also soothes irritated stomach lining due to acid reflux. thus helping to fight against acidity

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