Check out the myths and facts about glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease that can cause blindness. And there are many misconceptions about this disease. One of them is glaucoma that only affects the elderly. There are many myths and facts about glaucoma. And you should know, especially if your loved one has glaucoma. You better know the facts.

According to the National Health Portal, glaucoma is the leading cause of irreparable blindness. With a population of at least 12 million, HealthShots connects with Dr Nirati Srivastava, Ophthalmology Consultant at Regency Hospital, Kanpur to know more about glaucoma.

Myths and Facts about Glaucoma
Know the myths and facts about glaucoma to help your loved ones. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

What is glaucoma?

Before we talk about the myths and facts of glaucoma. You should know what it is. Dr. Srivastava says it’s a type of eye disease that damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is important in the transmission of visual information from the eye to the brain. Simply put, it is necessary for normal vision. (Causes and tips to protect your eyesight)

Many types of glaucoma, including open-angle, are asymptomatic. The effects are so gradual that you may not notice changes in your vision until the problem progresses. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in adults over 40.

Myths about glaucoma

• Only the elderly are affected by glaucoma.
• You won’t get glaucoma if you have 20/20 vision and are symptom-free.
• Only people with high eye pressure develop glaucoma.
• Glaucoma is hereditary. So you won’t have it because no one else in your family has it.

Facts about glaucoma

• People of all age groups are at risk for glaucoma. when we get older The risk of developing glaucoma is also higher.
• Perfectly sighted individuals can develop glaucoma over time. Symptoms do not show up until they have progressed to moderate or advanced stages. Glaucoma is often referred to as “glaucoma.” “The Silent Threat of Seeing”
• Elevated eye pressure is often associated with optic nerve damage. But glaucoma can develop even with normal eye pressure. (yoga poses to relieve increased eye pressure)
• In India, glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness. And you can be even if your family doesn’t have one.

Myths and Facts about Glaucoma
Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in India. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

The effects of glaucoma are irreversible.

The sad part is that the effects of glaucoma are irreversible. But medication and regular checkups can help reduce or prevent vision loss. It all comes down to early detection. Experts say it’s important to have regular eye exams that involve measuring eye pressure. Vision loss can be delayed or prevented if glaucoma is detected early. Lifelong treatment or follow-up is required. If you or a loved one has glaucoma

Try the following

• Prepare leafy greens for your family members.
• Encourage yoga and exercise regularly.
• Have them sleep on higher pillows to equalize their eye pressure.
• Tell them to avoid smoking and alcohol.
• Try not to give them caffeine and carbonated drinks.

By modifying these lifestyles You and your family can take care of your eye health.

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