Covid-19: 6 tips to build immunity in the elderly

COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of immunity And it makes people think about it more seriously. For this reason, doctors and nutritionists advise people of all age groups to improve their body’s ability to fight off harmful elements by boosting their immunity. The elderly are one of the most vulnerable groups. As a new species of Omicron substrate Bring back the fear of Covid-19. Here’s how to boost immunity in the elderly.

Why is the immune system weak in the elderly?

Therefore, the development of immunity is important for everyone. especially the elderly due to many biological changes The immune level of the elderly therefore decreases. This makes them more susceptible to infections and diseases. Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease in the elderly It increases the risk of infection and developing illness.

In addition, these conditions and age-induced changes within the immune system also influence drug efficacy and the body’s response to vaccines. Conversely, this may adversely affect recovery rates in cases of bovine infection. COVID-19 or other infections as well

tips to boost immunity
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to protect health and well-being Seniors need to follow a healthy eating plan to boost their immunity. Here we reveal some effective ways that can help boost immunity and lead a healthy longevity.

Follow these 5 tips to boost immunity in the elderly.

1. Next, eat a nutritious, high-fiber diet.

Eating foods that contain certain minerals, nutrients, and fibers can help boost immunity in older people. Include fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene, iron, and even zinc to fight infection. Having a balanced amount of superfoods like mushrooms and broccoli. Or fruits and vegetables can help boost immunity. We should also consider including berries in their diet along with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts, flaxseeds and even nuts.

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2. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in improving immunity. Be it children, adults or the elderly. Increasing your intake of vitamin C-rich fruits such as papayas, oranges, kiwis and guava will help boost your immune system. Additionally, vegetables such as eggplant, bell peppers, beets, spinach and cauliflower are known to be rich in vitamin C and Improves the immune system well

tips to boost immunity
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3. Supplements

Vitamin D and iron deficiencies are common in most older adults. especially in women after menopause Therefore, naturally fortified foods such as leafy vegetables are essential. If there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 or other vitamins, we can consider taking a supplement for the same to quickly improve its levels in the body. It is advisable to consult a doctor and seek appropriate nutritional supplements if necessary. And muscle pain is often caused by vitamin deficiency. and can be corrected with proper diet

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4. Drink lots of water to keep your body dehydrated.

Nutritionists recommend that the elderly should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water every day because it keeps the mucous membranes moist. which decreases the chances of catching colds and flu Water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells. flush bacteria from the bladder helps in digestion and regulate body temperature This allows the body to eventually fight infections and diseases. In addition to water, Consumption of coconut water, milk, homemade fruit juices And green tea is also useful.

5. Herbs

Herbs should be an important part of the diet for seniors. Measuring doses of immune-boosting herbs such as garlic, ginseng, black cumin, black pepper, and licorice in tea or food can help boost immunity.

tips to boost immunity
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6. Be confident in living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to eating a diet that has proper nutrition. We should adopt healthy habits that will boost our immunity. For example, dedicate some time to exercise or yoga. This allows for better oxygen flow in the body’s cells. Resulting in increased immunity. In addition, sleep should be sufficient for about 7-8 hours as it is important for building immunity. Quality sleep leads to ample release of cytokines. This is a protein that plays an important role in fighting infection and inflammation. Alcohol and tobacco consumption should be avoided or reduced.


The secret to a strong immune system lies in having simple, healthy eating habits, exercising daily, and exercising daily. so that the body can get enough rest And, of course, always stay positive! So, make sure you follow all the instructions mentioned above.

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