Do’s and Don’ts for Diabetes Bedtime

Type 2 diabetes has become a big problem in India. And there are statistics that prove it should not be ignored. In India, an estimated 77 million people over the age of 18 have type 2 diabetes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). People are diabetics according to the World Health Organization. Lifestyle plays an important role in type 2 diabetes, and if you care for a family member with diabetes You should encourage them to practice bedtime rituals. A bedtime routine for diabetics will help them immensely in controlling their blood sugar levels.

What we do before bedtime is important for everyone, especially people with diabetes, so HealthShots connected with Dr. Anurag Saxena, Chief of Internal Medicine, Primus super specialty Hospital, to find out the good and bad sleep habits that patients with ADHD have. Diabetics and those who care for them should know.

Bedtime routine for diabetics
People with diabetes need to regularly check their sugar levels. So make sure they follow these bedtime rituals. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Bedtime Rituals for Diabetics

When it comes to diabetes care You need to keep an eye on everything, including your diet, sleep schedule, and exercise level. Their problems can get worse if they have additional and unresolvable joint or limb problems, says Dr Saxena. Controlling their bedtime routine can help them sleep better and wake up, too. feeling more refreshed This is what they can and cannot do!

1. Limit Caffeine Consumption

You shouldn’t give diabetics anything related to caffeine, so avoid giving them coffee, tea and chocolate a few hours before going to bed. They may become more alert if they consume caffeinated foods and drinks.

2. Encourage them to take a walk before bed.

Any type of physical activity helps the body use insulin efficiently. Therefore, walking is beneficial for people with diabetes. It also reduces stress and prepares your mind for sleep. A few hours of walking before bed may help keep your blood sugar stable throughout the night.

3. Tell me to sleep well.

Dietary tips to control blood sugar levels should not be overlooked. But people with diabetes should get enough sleep. Experts recommend sleeping for more than six hours. but not more than eight hours

4. Avoid late-night snacking.

Snacks consumed at night are a no-brainer. to prevent weight gain Diabetic patients should not eat. especially fatty foods They have higher blood sugar levels when they wake up. It’s also possible to cancel therapy and medication, Dr. Saxena says.

5. Check blood sugar

Regular blood glucose monitoring is important for diabetes management. This should also be done before your loved one goes to bed. It is advisable to keep your blood sugar within the recommended range before going to bed.

Bedtime routine for diabetics
Diabetics need a good night’s sleep. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

6. Pack food for the next day.

Pack healthy meals for the next day or make necessary preparations such as cutting and chopping. Fruits and vegetables should be used after they have been sorted. This way there is no room for junk food.

7. Helps Create a Bedtime Routine

It’s another way to make the most of your sleep time. Tell them to do something to calm their thoughts and relax their bodies before going to bed. You can take a warm bath, practice yoga, read a novel, or listen to calming music.

8. Set up a bedroom for sleeping.

It’s smart if they want to wake up feeling rested. You can turn down the lights as night approaches and pull the curtains to block out the morning sun. They may experience sleep disturbances from noise during the night. To avoid being woken up in the middle of the night by incoming calls or messages. Tell them to put their cell phones away from the bed. They can use earplugs to mute if they are particularly sensitive to noise.

9. Give me a glass of milk before bed.

An empty stomach should not be taken for long periods of time at night as blood sugar can drop during long fasting periods. In fact, a glass of milk may even reduce the risk of diabetes.

With these simple tips, caring for someone with diabetes is easy.

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