Eating High Protein Damages Your Kidneys: Myth or Fact?

We consume protein in different forms. Whether it’s a dairy product meat or eggs Legumes and many vegetables contain lower amounts of protein. It is one of the nutritional macros that everyone consumes in one form or another. Some people choose to supplement their diet with additional protein in the form of whey protein. But does it negatively affect your kidneys? let’s find out

High protein diets do not damage your kidneys.

Dietary protein intake has no effect on the health of your kidneys. Even if you eat a moderate amount of protein. But there are still health gurus around. It tells you that you will damage your kidneys. Don’t believe it. Lack of a basic understanding of how your body works will not have a positive impact on your lifestyle or health.

Protein and Kidney Damage
Know if a high-protein diet damages your kidneys. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Protein is an essential part of the human body. It’s a key component of your anatomy. And necessary to create hormones, enzymes, tissues, nail growth. hair growth Bone health, etc. – basically everything you create. Your body’s need for protein is so great that it’s hard to overdo it.

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Too much protein can cause digestion problems before the kidneys can process it, so stop worrying about too much protein. Consuming enough protein to cause digestive problems is very high. And reaching that amount of protein for an individual is absolutely impossible.

Protein is good for your health.

The typical diet of Indians isn’t just lacking in protein. But there is hardly any protein. People don’t need to cut protein from their diet. But should add more sources of protein to make the body work better. There is no proof that protein destroys your body. But not surprisingly, there are studies that tell us the opposite, such as the positive effects of protein.

protein consumption
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There is a study published in the journal. International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in March 2000, which included well-trained bodybuilders and athletes with high protein intake. They went into a 7-day analysis of their nutrition logs and provided blood and urine for analysis. Studies have shown that protein intake does not affect kidney function.

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It’s not protein, but these can damage your kidneys.

If it’s not a kidney-damaging protein as we think it is, what is it from? Nothing is more damaging than oxidative stress caused by elevated levels of insulin and blood glucose in the kidneys. The same is true for capillary damage due to high blood sugar levels. What triggers insulin and blood sugar levels are the sugars and refined carbohydrates in food.

So if you are worried about kidney damage You may also want to consider cutting down on sugar and refined carbohydrates that have no function in your body. Rather than targeting proteins, which are the building blocks of the human body,

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