Elderly Cancer: Tips for Caring for Elderly Cancer Patients

Having an older family member battling cancer can be challenging. According to the South Asian Journal of Cancer, cancer incidence increases with age, and more than 12 to 23 percent of all cancers occur after a person turns 65. years, caring for cancer patients, especially their loved ones, is not an easy task. So keep reading to find out how to care for seniors with cancer.

It is tragic that elderly cancer patients are often viewed as unfit for treatment. Whether it’s radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Tough Decisions for Doctors, Patients and Families According to the South Asian Cancer Journal, older cancer patients are often treated more conservatively or less aggressively.

Medanta – The Medicity Radiation Oncology and Cancer Center President Dr. Tejinder Kataria tells HealthShots how you can care for your elderly family member who may be undergoing cancer treatment.

Caring for the elderly with cancer
There are several ways you can care for an elderly family member with cancer. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

How to care for elderly people with cancer

1. Eat timely and healthy meals.

You should add adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates to maintain your weight and overcome the side effects of treatment. Also, make sure you eat on time, says Dr Kataria. Adequate hydration is a must. But should consult a doctor who treats first.

2. Promote walking

while ensuring that it is pain-free with proper medication. You should not forget about the importance of movement. movement and walking periodically Throughout the day it helps to increase circulation and maintain muscle or muscle mass.

3. Keep the right accessories close at hand.

Some people are too stubborn to seek help from family members while walking or moving. Sometimes I can’t walk by myself. In such a case Appropriate accessories such as walking sticks, walking sticks or wheelchairs should be available to move from the bed.

4. Don’t be selfish.

It’s very easy to be a watcher or tell other people to do their work. But your loved one will be more grateful if you’re prepared to be a caring caregiver rather than watching.

5. Create moments of happiness

Spending time together is important. But don’t cry or talk about sad moments. Create fun and happy moments by celebrating your time together. (Tips for making your loved ones smile more)

Caring for the elderly with cancer
You should create a happy time with an elderly family member with cancer. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Get Involved With Extended Family Members

You can’t do everything yourself. So get your family members involved too. It is a privilege available to most Indians. Have friends of loved ones share their moments with elderly cancer patients.

7. Involve elderly people with cancer in care decisions.

You may think that all decisions should be yours. But experts recommend that elderly family members with cancer be involved in care decisions. if not followed A lack of trust can impede recovery and cause family rifts.

Keep these issues in mind and attend regular treatments on a schedule and follow up as required.

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