Exercising During Sickness Might Not Be a Good Idea, Here’s Why

It’s hard to imagine sweating at the gym when you have a high fever or runny nose. Doesn’t sound like fun, or is it the best thing to do? But if you are a fitness enthusiast Convincing you to stop exercising can be difficult. Turns out there are rules to working out while you’re sick. Read on to find out if exercising during illness is good for you.

HealthShots connects with Dr Tushar Tayal, Internal Medicine Consultant, CK Birla Gurugram Hospital, and transformational life coach Vaneeta Batra to know if you should exercise while you’re sick.

exercise when sick
Exercise and illness don’t always go well. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

exercise and illness

When sick, the body needs rest for recovery. Exercising during this time can delay recovery, Dr. Tayal says. You can follow the above rules. He said that if there are specific facial symptoms, such as a stuffy nose or a sore throat, You can do light exercises, but if you have symptoms under your neck, such as a fever, diarrhea, or excessive coughing and wheezing, you can do some light exercise. Exercise should be avoided.

It’s not a big deal to exercise when you have a high fever.

when you have a fever Your immunity will be affected. Increasing vigorous physical activity temporarily weakens your immune system, which can make your illness worse. Another thing is when you exercise during your illness. Your body’s resources are transferred to repair and recovery from exercise. This should be used to combat illness, so strenuous exercise during illness should be avoided. Dr Tayal said

This is when you can exercise.

Running or taking a dance class will make you feel good on a normal day. But it might not be the best idea when you have a cough and cough or a fever, Batra says. When you’re sick, you should listen to your own body.

You can exercise if you want to exercise and have the energy to do it, or when your symptoms are mild. You should not exercise when you have a high fever. body aches, coughing, symptoms such as vomiting or a rash or having a cold along with other health problems

Exercises You Can Do When You Have a Mild Illness

If there is a symptom above the neck You can consider the following exercise options for exercising during illness.

1. Walk

A cold can affect your energy levels. So you may not feel like exercising vigorously. But even if you take 20 minutes and walk, it can help you get the benefits of regular exercise. Walking has many benefits and may improve your cold symptoms, too, Batra says.

exercise when sick
You can exercise lightly if you’re not too sick. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Yoga

Yoga and breathing exercises may boost immunity. Choose a slower form of training, such as Hatha yoga, or focus on restorative poses, such as children’s poses and wall mounts.

3. Stretching and Exercise

Find a pole, fence, or an upright wall that you can use to support yourself while leaning into stretching and mobility exercises.

4. Neck Stretches

Neck stretches can relieve cold symptoms and reduce tension in the neck and chest, Batra says.

5. Standing forward.

Stooping forward improves blood flow, protects the sinuses, and relieves congestion in simple ways.

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