Heat wave: Know about the double sunscreen trend to protect your skin.

Every day, your morning skin care routine might start with cleansing, toning, moisturizing. And apply one layer of non-negotiable sunscreen. Especially in the summer for sun protection. All of this sounds corny, right? But here’s the catch! When the heat wave rises It’s important to double your sunscreen for added protection from the scorching heat. may sound unfamiliar But many skin-care enthusiasts appreciate the benefits of applying two layers of sunscreen to keep skin health under control.

Health Shots caught up with Dr. Kashish Kalra, Head of Dermatology at Max Super Specialist Hospital, New Delhi, to understand all about this new trend. double sun cream

How should I apply 2 layers of sunscreen this summer?

You must have heard about double cleaning to remove excess dirt. stains or makeup Double sunscreen is a new concept. But of course, it is beneficial for harsh summer skin.

double sunscreen
Use two layers of sunscreen for an extra layer of protection on your face. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Recently, renowned dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty shared on her social media how to double apply sunscreen and why.

Dr Shetty said “As the name suggests Applying sunscreen twice means that you are applying sunscreen twice at the same time. So, first, apply sunscreen that contains skin-nourishing ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc. So you should get what you want. need and above all Use a powder sunscreen, which can be compact and That will give you essential sun protection by locking in the sunscreen.”

Simple Rules for Using Sunscreen

During intense summer and anticipated heat waves. Applying sunscreen twice can be helpful. This is because everyone is well aware of the concept of SPF, UVA and UVB rays as a by-product of daily sunscreen use. However, most people do not know the optimal amount of sunscreen for daily use.

Dr Kalra shared, “If you read the book, The calculated dose is 2 mg per square centimeter. That comes out as half a teaspoon to fill your face and neck. There is also a two inch formula that states you can use a full two inch of sunscreen for the face and neck.”

3 main benefits of applying double sunscreen

According to Dr. Kalra, there are three main benefits of double sunscreen use:

1. You will not cross the area.

Experts go on to explain that using sunscreen twice leaves no room for crossing over the face or neck. The second layer ensures that you lock in the amount of sunscreen on your skin and provides double protection from the outside sun.

double sunscreen
with many benefits So you shouldn’t miss applying sunscreen twice! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Dual sunscreens can provide makeup as well.

There are two types of sunscreens: chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens. Most sunscreens have both chemical and physical photo protection. In principle You should use a chemical sunscreen with some active ingredients first. Moreover You can use physical sunscreen or powder sunscreen or BB sunscreen to give your makeup a pop of color as well.

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3. Sunscreen stays on your face for only 80 minutes.

“The lifetime of any sunscreen Even the best waterproof sunscreen It stays on your face for only 80 minutes. After 80 minutes, sunscreen needs to be applied. Applying two layers may make your sunscreen last a little longer,” experts say.

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