Heat Waves: Easy Tricks to Cool Down After Summer Workouts

temperature rise But the heat wave shouldn’t stop you from exercising. Whether you go for a run, jog or other aerobic exercise. Be sure to follow the cool down method after exercising. Fitness enthusiasts know that cooldown exercises gradually bring your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing back to normal levels. For example, you can walk after running. But when exercising in the heat You really need a cooldown! Read on to find out how to cool off after exercising during a heat wave.

HealthShots consulted life-changing coach and fitness enthusiast Vaneeta Batra, who says exercising in the summer might not be the best idea. It can put the body under increased stress. and lead to heat-related problems such as dehydration, heat cramps, and heatstroke.

cool down after exercise
You can enjoy exercising outdoors even during the heat wave. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

We don’t want to use heat as an excuse. But we must be careful when exercising. When temperatures hit 35 degrees Celsius, exercising outdoors can be dangerous, Batra says. You might experience a mild headache and dizziness.

How to cool down after exercising in a heat wave

Your body needs recovery after intense exercise. This is what you can do!

1. Drink Peppermint Tea

in dry and hot weather Drinking a hot beverage like peppermint tea is a real relief from the heat. The heat from the tea will make you sweat.

2. Stretch out

Walk and stretch for at least 10 minutes until your heart rate slows down. This will also help recover from the heat, Batra said.

3. take a shower

Stretch out and go take a shower. Just make sure it’s not cold all the time. Alternating hot and cold water after exercise can greatly reduce your heart rate.

cool down after exercise
Stay hydrated while exercising. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Moisturizing

Drinking water during and after exercise is essential to stay hydrated.
You can also drink coconut water during and after your workout. Because coconut water also increases energy levels as well. experts recommend

5. Grab a glass of chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is one of the best things you can have after a workout! Not only is it a good drink to lower your body temperature. But it also contains lots of protein and sugar to help your body recover.

Things to keep in mind while exercising in a heat wave especially outdoor

If going to the gym is not your style There are a few things you need to keep in mind while exercising during a heat wave.

1. Exercise in the morning or evening.

If you plan to exercise outdoors Get out early in the morning or late in the evening. and avoid the hottest part of the day

2. Choose the right spot

Try to choose a shady area for walking or exercising outdoors. Also wear sunscreen and a hat.

3. Make sure you have enough water before you start.

When it comes to staying hydrated It’s not just drinking water. You can drink any form of liquid. Plus a detox drink if you don’t like plain water. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day, even if you don’t feel dehydrated. Drink less alcohol and caffeine during this time.

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