Holi 2023: 6 Safety Tips for Playing Holi for Kids

Meeting friends and family, splashing water, playing with colors and enjoying good food. Bring out the essence of the Holi festival. This festival is all about having a good time. and create lasting memories with your loved ones. while children Can’t wait to play with colors. But sometimes parents worry about the consequences of playing Holi. It’s a good idea to take safety measures and keep your kids and friends safe. of children understand the importance of playing Holi safely. Let’s look at some fun and safe ways to play Holi for kids.

Holi safety tips for kids

Safety practices during Holi are more important than ever. This is because research indicates that overall immune levels, especially in children, are reduced after exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It is important for us to take into account the factors. Including the quality of the water used and the type of paint used.

Not only that, choosing natural colors is also important for children’s safety. The use of artificial or synthetic colors not only causes skin irritation and eye infections. It also triggers asthma and other respiratory conditions. In children as well. In addition, because it is summer. Direct sunlight exposure should be limited. Especially at noon, so that the children avoid dehydration.

Here are 6 safety tips and precautions for kids to play Holi!

1. Teach your child about consent.

Talk to your kids about the importance of consent before painting or playing in the water. Tell them how aggression can hurt the other person. Teach them to enjoy the festival without hurting anyone or their sanity while playing.

holi for kids
Play Holi, but with safety. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Choose the right type of clothing.

It is better to have your child wear long sleeve t-shirts and long pants to reduce direct skin exposure to harmful paints. You should give them fun sunglasses. to protect the eyes from harmful colors

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3. Skin and hair care

As the saying goes Prevention is always better than cure. Apply an appropriate amount of moisturizer and sunscreen to protect exposed areas from harmful paint and sunlight. Apply the oil well to your scalp and hair. This is because the oil acts as a shield against harmful paint and helps the paint to come off easily.

4. Choose non-toxic and chemical-free paints.

Choosing herbal or eco-friendly paints is a great way to reduce the chances of allergies and rashes that can occur from chemical paints. Eco-friendly paints are not harsh on the skin and are easy to wash off.

5. Have a first aid kit ready.

We recommend having a first aid kit with antiseptic cream and bandages ready in case of minor cuts and rashes.

holi for kids
Give your child the right treatment for the short or long term. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. General precautions

other tips A few more things that are helpful are making sure your kids are well hydrated before going out to play. Ask your child to be careful with wet surfaces. Help wash the paint off if it gets in their eyes, ears and mouth. Watch them to make sure they are safe and that no one is taking advantage of the situation by force.

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last but not least It’s important to play softly. While children are playing with paints, they should be careful to avoid injury!

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