Holi 2023: Tips To Remove Holi Colors Safely

Don’t you like the festival of colors Holi? People rejoice and celebrate the festival to the full as the streets turn into rainbow colors. In spite of all the fun, the colours, the dancing and the skits, there is one thing we all fear. That is to remove the colors of Holi. Sometimes it becomes sour for some people due to the splash of paint which is sometimes dangerous. It can also be a problem when you try to remove Holi colors.

Healthshots has asked Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Medical Director, Skinfiniti Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, Mumbai, to help you safely remove Holi colors.

How to safely remove Holi colors?

If you find removing Holi color from your skin, hair and nails difficult. Instead, try these tips and advice suggested by Dr Sharad.

1. Avoid harsh chemicals.

One thing you should totally avoid is using harsh chemicals or soaps to remove Holi colors. Dr Sharad explains that these products contain “solvents such as acetone, bleach and nail polish remover (acetate). ) can especially damage the skin. and can cause irritation, burning, dryness and discoloration in the long run.”

how to remove holi colors
Do not remove Holi colors by using harsh chemicals. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

You should avoid products that contain alcohol and fragrances. Because these products can cause even more harm. especially with sensitive skin Instead, choose natural products like coconut oil for effective color removal. Coconut oil is an emulsifier that removes the Holi color, so apply it evenly. You can use baby oil or olive oil.

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2. Avoid harsh cleansers.

If you’ve used harsh cleansers like soaps and shampoos, you should know that they can dry out and irritate your skin. Dr Sharad recommends using gentle, natural cleansers. because it will not irritate your skin “Use a mild shampoo. Or hair conditioner containing oil to clean the hair. Apply oil to hair to loosen the color, followed by shampoo. Use conditioner after shampooing to keep hair shiny. You can clean your nails by washing your hands and water. and a soft-bristled nail brush when cleaned Apply a nail nourishing cream with a light oil or cream. to help restore lost moisture.”

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3. Avoid rubbing.

Do you think rubbing your face vigorously will help eliminate various colors Can you leave your face? Dr. Sharad says it ends up doing more harm than good to your skin. Exfoliation can damage your skin’s protective layer. Can cause skin irritation. Use mild soap and a soft cloth to wipe your face.

4. Avoid washing your hair too much.

Washing your hair too often during Holi can damage your scalp. Since Holi colors can weaken the hair shaft, use a mild shampoo to gently loosen the Holi colors. and wash your hair with warm water. If possible, only wash your hair once or twice during the festive season.

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5. Do not use hot water.

If you wash your face with hot water thinking it will wash off the color, think again! Hot water can dry out your skin and damage your hair. Use warm water instead to wash off the paint. as they will be gentler and more effective, advises Dr Sharad.

how to remove holi colors
Do you know how to safely remove Holi colors? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Avoid sunlight.

While other days are sunny, it’s not when your skin is already covered in chemicals. Dr Sharad says, “Holi colors can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. And can cause sunburn, so avoid spending too much time in the sun after Holi. Wear sunscreen while out and about as a precaution.”

So enjoy the festival of colors without letting it hurt you in any way. Wish you Happy Holi!

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