Holi Skin Care: Why Natural Colors Are Best For Your Skin

before Holi arrives The only thing you can hear is people talking about the festival of colours. Many people wait for Holi so they can play with colours. But when the festival is over Some people complain of dry, itchy, or irritated eyes. Some people even get skin allergies after playing with Holi colors. Not everyone will face these skin problems. But it’s always better to be careful. Does that mean you shouldn’t play Holi at all? Of course not! Just replace synthetic Holi colors with natural ones. Turns out natural colors are good for your skin.

HealthShots connected with Ayurvedic experts in Mumbai, Dr. Lakshmi Varma K and Dr. Shyam Pandit, dermatologists at Allied Doctors House, Maharashtra, to find out why Holi should be played with natural colors.

natural holi colors
Play Holi with natural colors for healthy skin. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr. Pandit said natural colors are safe and widely used by people to avoid allergies and infections during Holi. Natural dyes can be made from:

• rose
• Calendula
• hibiscus
• Fueng Fah
• Henna
• Turmeric
• coriander
• Neem
• Beetroot
• mint
• spinach

Reasons why natural colors are good for the skin

compared to synthetic colors Natural colors are good for the skin. Here are some reasons why you should be spontaneous during Holi 2023!

1. Natural color, no harm to the skin.

Synthetic and chemical-rich Holi colors don’t just dry out your skin. It also invites acute nail inflammation, abrasions, discoloration and eczema. The natural color is harmless and safe to use. Some ingredients, such as turmeric, may benefit your skin, says Dr. Varma.

2. Get rid of eye problems with natural colors

Holi colors, full of chemicals, irritate the eyes, make them red, swollen and itchy, says Dr Pandit. Natural colors are harmless to your eyes. It does not cause any chemical injury to the eyes, so protect your eyes from Holi colors naturally.

3. Natural color, easy to wash off.

The natural color is easily washed off and doesn’t penetrate deep into your skin. This is different from chemical-filled paint, where you need a lot of oil and cleaning products.

4. Natural color, environmentally friendly.

Synthetic colors are known to have negative effects on the environment and animals. Dr Pandit said the chemicals in them pose a threat to the environment and cause plant rot. Holi colors are also dangerous when it comes to pets.

5. Natural color, easy to make

You can also make natural colors at home. You just need natural ingredients like marigold, beetroot, neem, spinach, turmeric and orange peel powder. All you have to do is find ingredients that are similar in color and grind them together.

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natural holi colors
Don’t forget to take good care of your skin on this Holi day. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Tips to protect your skin during Holi

even if you paint yourself at home But there are still people who bring artificial colors. Just follow these before and after Holi skin care tips so that your skin doesn’t have to face many problems later.

Here’s how to get your skin ready for Holi!

• Apply oil or moisturizer to your hair and face before Holi. so that the color does not penetrate into the skin and easily come off Applying coconut oil to your hands, feet and face before Holi can provide a protective layer to your skin, says Dr. Varma.
• Try to wear clothes with full sleeves so that the paint doesn’t stay on your body for a long time.
• Use goggles while playing Holi to prevent eye allergies.
• If your skin or eyes feel irritated after doing Holi. Immediately wash off the paint and see a doctor.

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