Holiday workout plan to fight summer vacation weight gain.

Summer is upon us and so is the holiday season. One of the best things about a summer vacation is a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There’s nothing better than the thrill of having time to go on a trip that you’ll enjoy like it’s the last day. Or lying on the couch all day until it’s necessary. Endless fun might make you think “I went on vacation. Did it hurt anything?” But losing weight on vacation can be harder than you think. While we can’t include heavy workouts, easy weekend workouts can help. It may help you stay healthy during the holidays. Plus you don’t have to regret it later!

Recently, fitness trainer Shwetam Bari Shetty took to her Instagram to share a short weekend workout that can help you stay hot. maintain muscle mass and burn calories

Fast Holiday Workouts to Maintain Holiday Weight

You can try this holiday workout in the comfort of your home and even on vacation.

set 1

This is a set of 3 exercises focused on strengthening the body and improving balance. Do three rounds of these exercises to feel the burn.

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Air squats are a great exercise that strengthens the body and improves balance. This exercise targets the buttocks. The muscles of the thighs, thighs, and hamstrings They also help strengthen your core and work your core.

A great workout to build strength and agility. This exercise is a holistic exercise that stabilizes your body.

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High knee exercises help develop endurance and lower body strength. help burn calories enhance coordination and strengthening the abdominal muscles It also improves cardiovascular endurance.

holiday workout
This high knee workout should be part of your holiday workout. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

set 2

This set also includes three exercises that target your lower body and abs. Fitness trainers recommend doing this set at least three rounds.

The Tricep Dip works all three tricep muscles and helps to tone your upper body. Helps build strength in your arms, shoulders and chest. Also called Bench Dip, it is one of the best exercises for building muscle.

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  • 20 Bulgarian Split Squats

This is a lower-body exercise that helps to tone your leg muscles. This includes the hamstrings, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves. It’s also a one-leg exercise that works very hard to maintain balance.

One of the best exercises for weight loss. Jumping jacks are an exercise that helps burn belly fat and get rid of fat arms and legs. It also boosts metabolism which helps you burn fat and lose weight by helping you burn a lot of calories.

jumping jack
Jumping Jacks could be the perfect weekend workout for the whole body! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

She writes that it may look like a simple set, but after 30 minutes you will feel the burn. So what are you waiting for? Make these exercises part of your holiday workout today to control your weight.

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