Hot or Cold: Here’s What You Should Use for Joint Pain

Whether it’s a child or an adult in the house, joint pain, muscle pulls or tightness can be common. But have you ever noticed that in these cases Doctors often recommend two treatments. Some may recommend heat therapy using hot water bottles or warm compresses. while some suggest thatYou apply ice to the area. These are two completely opposite treatments. Therefore, we may be confused and wonder which treatment is correct. Here’s all you need to know about cold and heat remedies. and what is the best way to alleviate it?

How does heat help with pain?

Health Shots spoke with Dr. Akhilesh Yadav, Associate Director-Orthopedics and Joint replacement at Max Hospital, who explained to us how heat can help with body pain. expand stimulate blood circulation and helps to relax tight and aching muscles.”

joint pain relief
A warm compress can help relieve joint pain! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

He added that in most cases depending on the type of problem Heat therapy is better than cold therapy, for example, for the treatment of chronic arthritis and muscle pain. A warm compress is better than an ice pack. unless otherwise stated Heat is usually applied to the painful area for 20 minutes, no more than 3 times each day. Heat or hot water should not be applied to fresh or open wounds.

Heat is helpful in relieving:

  • osteoarthritis
  • warming up stiff muscles before any activity or exercise
  • strains and sprains
  • Relieves neck or back discomfort or spasms, especially in the lower back.

How do ice packs work?

Dr. Yadav explains that blood flow to the injury site can be reduced with cryotherapy or ice packs. He added that “This reduces the chances of swelling and tissue damage. and reduce the rate of inflammation It also acts as a local anesthetic to numb inflamed tissues and limit pain signals from reaching the brain.”

Swollen and painful joints or muscles may benefit from applying ice. Dr. Yadav recommends that within 48 hours of injury, This works best. Cold therapy or ice packs can help in cases of osteoarthritis. Recent injury or stress. Osteoarthritis patients are advised to apply ice, massage, or cold compresses for 10 minutes and then remove.

ice packs for joint pain
Ice packs are great for relieving pain from osteoarthritis. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Cold compress vs warm compress?

Because we understand both methods of treatment to reduce pain. We can say that for some types of injuries. Heat treatment is best. But for some types of ice packs, that’s the way to go. It is not possible to determine which of the two is better. Either with hot water or ice. It depends on the type of injury and pain the person experiences.

“Heat improves healing by increasing blood flow to the injured area. which also helps relieve muscle spasms while the blood flow is restricted by the ice pack which reduces swelling and inflammation and numbs the pain,” said Dr. Yadav.

Overall, ice packs are better for inflammatory pain. Instead, choose a warm compress for non-inflammatory joint pain, such as osteoarthritis.

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