Looking for a good fitness trainer Are you there? Avoid these 5 signs.

You finally decided to get in shape. And you jumped in to get what you wanted. You’ve spent a lot of money on a gym subscription. You bought a new pair of shoes and workout clothes to work out in style. But you didn’t notice any changes. If you exercise every day but haven’t seen any results in the last few months It may be that your personal trainer is not the best fit for you. You should qualify as a good and good fitness trainer to know if it is worth investing your money.

Red Flags of Bad Fitness Trainers

If you’ve invested a lot of money and time into your fitness journey. But still not seeing clear results. You should watch out for these signs of a bad fitness trainer. Fitness trainer Miten Kakaiya recently used his Instagram account to share the red flags you should look out for when choosing a fitness coach for your journey.

1. Fool you after receiving money

when you join Do they make big promises about fast results? And now that you have a 6 month gym membership, your fitness trainer is nowhere to be seen! That should be a signal for you to switch trainers or get help from someone willing to pay attention to you.

2. There is no regular follow-up.

Yes, they tell you to exercise. But after that it disappeared or not? If you invest time and money with one trainer. The least they can do is pay attention to what you’re doing. If they don’t track your progress or follow up You need to talk to your trainer. After all, no one wants an unreliable fitness trainer.

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3. May you eat 6 times a day

Exercise and nutrition are two pillars of a healthy body. If your personal trainer doesn’t take care of your needs and only stresses you to eat 6 times a day. That’s not a good sign.

Signs of a good fitness trainer
Is your fitness trainer right for you? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. It pushes you to do more cardio.

Does your fitness trainer push you to do a lot of cardio? Bad trainers focus on one type of exercise, such as cardio or weightlifting. Every certified fitness trainer knows to combine cardio and weight training for the best results.

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5. It forces you to eat boring salads.

Although eating salads is a great way to include healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet, they are not the only way to avoid them. But that’s not the only way to maintain a healthy weight. regardless of your fitness goals. Your diet should include all the healthy nutrients.

Qualities of a good fitness trainer

Now you know who is not a good trainer. So who will be the trainer? It’s important to know who qualifies as a good personal trainer to make your fitness journey more productive. They need to have some features that will help you determine if they are the best for you.

Kakaiya writes, “A good coach is everything when you’re just starting out. It is a change or break situation when it comes to choosing an approach for your fitness journey.”

A good fitness coach should understand your body and its limits. They shouldn’t force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. Working out with the help of your fitness trainer shouldn’t feel like a burden. They shouldn’t pressure you into fearing the gym and feeling discouraged. he told me Is your fitness coach qualified? If you are still not sure There’s more to a good fitness coach.

“A good coach will ensure that even if progress is slow, But the process feels like a joy. And you can stay consistent with the lifestyle changes you’ve made even after achieving your goals,” Kakaiya shared.

So, make sure you test your personal trainer for a month before you decide to sign up for a year-long membership!

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