Low or high hair porosity? Find out what type you have.

There are times when your hair doesn’t respond to hair dye or other styling products. But some people will find that their hair easily absorbs moisture and performs its magic with the oil. It’s all linked to the porosity of the hair! You can have high, low, or medium porosity. Depending on the type, your hair will react differently to different hair products. You can always try a test to know your type. in the end Knowing that your hair is porous is important to good hair health.

HealthShots connected with Dr Vinay Kumar, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Dehradun, Uttarakhand for all the information about hair porosity.

What is Prune Hair?

Hair porosity indicates how porous your hair is. Simply put, it’s the hair’s ability to pass through and hold substances like water, chemicals, and other molecules. between the environment inside and outside the hair

hair porosity
Know how prunes help your locks. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Dr. Kumar explains that the outermost layer of hair is called the cuticle and is the layer that joins the hair follicle. Hair porosity is determined by the alignment of the hair’s outermost structure. under normal conditions The pores are of the right size to allow the right amount of substance to enter the body. Pores that are too large or too small can result in various ingredients. Transfer too high or too little

Hair porosity is largely determined by genetics. but was affected by

• your age
• Level of exposure to sunlight.
• Dyeing or coloring your hair.
• Chemotherapy
• Hair care routine.

Porosity is important in predicting how your hair will respond to a hair procedure or treatment. on the basis of pore characteristics You can classify hair as low porosity. medium porosity and high porosity, where medium porosity is a regular pattern.

Hair Porosity Test Method

There are several ways to assess hair porosity. Most of the tests are simple and one of them is known as the float test. Measure the ease with which strands sink when placed on a surface of still water at room temperature in a bowl. The highly porous hairs sink in almost instantly as they quickly become heavier by absorbing water molecules. Hair with low porosity resists water penetration and takes more than five minutes to sink. Medium porosity hair takes less time to sink compared to low porosity hair.

low porosity hair

Hair with low porosity is less responsive to dyes and heavy molecular weight macromolecules. Whether it’s coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Your hair will not respond well if you have less porosity.

hair porosity
Women with high porosity should use shea butter. Image Courtesy: Freepik

high porosity hair

Women with highly porous hair will notice that tresses allow heavier molecules such as oils, keratin and shea butter to penetrate easily. Such hair types require care with protein-rich hair preparations. (hair mask with eggs)

medium porosity

Moderate porosity is an ideal condition in which hair allows selective molecules to pass through and retain.

Tips for low porosity hair

1. Use a lightweight hair oil.

You should be concerned about moisture and hair breakage. Since your hair is dry, rough and brittle, you should use a light oil such as almond oil. (how to use almond oil to control hair fall)

2. Take a warm bath

Taking a warm shower can help open up your pores. experts say You can use the conditioner best when you use it on wet hair. Protein-containing preparations are not suitable for hair with low porosity.

3. Use apple cider vinegar

Dirt that clogs pores in the epidermis can be easily removed using apple cider vinegar. Moisturizers such as honey and aloe vera can help restore hair that is low in porosity.

Tips for high porosity hair

1. Use Shea Butter

Women with high porosity should use products with heavy molecules such as shea butter and cocoa. Protein products help repair damaged epidermis.

2. Pull out the tangled hair gently.

If you have high porosity hair, you need to gently pull the tangles out. A conditioner that adds moisture to the hair will help a lot.

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