Make the diabetes journey easier for your loved one with these tips.

If you are planning a solo trip and have no health concerns You can look for suitable travel methods. Make a reservation and leave now! Yes, a lot of planning involves travel. But your to-do list can get longer if you’re traveling with someone with a chronic disease, such as diabetes. Preparing for a family vacation and thinking about managing diabetes for a loved one can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean that a diabetes diagnosis should deter your family member’s desire to explore the world. Before traveling, you just need to make sure their symptoms are under control. And you have prepared everything necessary for diabetics on the go. Let’s find some advice for people traveling with diabetes.

For tips on traveling with Diabetes HealthShots, connect with Dr BM Makkar, Senior Diabetes Physician, President of the Research Society for Diabetes Education in India, Delhi.

Traveling can help you relax. But it may affect one’s health. one as well If he is diabetic, Dr Makkar said travel exposes diabetics to unfamiliar surroundings. Which is why you should be prepared.

traveling with diabetes
Know what to prepare to make your travel with diabetes a smooth one. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Packing tips if a loved one is traveling with diabetes

1. Make an appointment with a doctor

After you’ve booked your tickets, taxis and hotel rooms. You should make an appointment with your family member’s doctor. This should be done at least one month before the trip for an updated assessment of glycemic control. You should provide a prescription that describes your loved one’s medical conditions and medications.

2. Carry Extra Medicine

Medication availability can be an issue in the places you are going. Therefore, it is important to have a list of all medications with generic names and dosages. An overdose would be a good idea.

3. Information on the weather and environment of the destination must be provided.

You should have an idea of ​​what the weather and environment of your destination will be like. Severe weather conditions can negatively affect the health of family members with diabetes. People with diabetes are quite sensitive to environmental stressors, such as heat exhaustion. exposure to cold or increased foot ulcers experts say

4. Pack Healthy Snacks

Diet options for diabetics may be limited during the trip. So packing healthy snacks in your carry-on can take care of disrupted eating patterns.

traveling with diabetes
Almonds are a great snack option for diabetics. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Healthy Snacks You Can Pack

• almonds
• Cashew Nuts
• Walnuts
• Pistachio
• Avocado
• Fresh vegetables and fruits.
• Tuna Salad
• Black Bean Salad
• Low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers.
• yoghurt
• Boiled Eggs (Health Benefits of Boiled Eggs)

5. Use the correct syringe.

If you are going abroad You should be aware that insulin concentrations vary from country to country. Therefore, use the correct syringe according to the country’s requirements.

6. Insulin Pump Therapy

If your loved one is using insulin pump medication Please contact the manufacturer. (How to use an insulin pump for children.) Dr. Makkar recommends removing the pump during takeoff or landing. This is because changes in cabin pressure can lead to excessive insulin delivery.

7. Get travel health insurance

Medical documents are very important if you are traveling with diabetics. Travel health insurance is one of them. You should have a doctor’s prescription. health insurance policy medications and prescriptions for them

8. Airport security checks

Airport security that requires patients to pump or continuously monitor glucose (CGM) to pass the scanner should be warned not to do so. May cause malfunction caused by radiation. And these devices should not be removed.

9. Encourage diabetics to stand and walk during long journeys.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. (a blood clot in a deep vein in the body generally on the legs), so standing and walking during long flights should be encouraged.

Need to measure blood sugar levels more often And wear comfortable shoes to avoid blisters and infection. with these instructions Traveling with diabetics is easy.

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