Malaika Arora highlights the benefits of meditation in her life.

The Oxford Dictionary describes meditation as the practice of quiet meditation to calm the mind. Mental health experts and yoga gurus have emphasized the importance of practicing meditation in daily life. Her fans also attest to the many benefits of meditation!

As Monday’s motivational post posted on her Instagram page, yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora reminded her fans to start the week with calm. “Have you been breathing lately? Take a deep breath, do it with me now, inhale… exhale,” she wrote.

For those who are in a hurry every day Setting aside time every day to meditate can be a calming magic. Busy schedules coupled with unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles This makes people’s patience and patience diminish. They want everything to be done quickly. Meditation gives them a break from the hustle and bustle.

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Malaika Arora shares the benefits of meditation.

The power of concentration may work in different ways for different people. For some it can be calming and for others it can be powerful. Here’s how meditation helped Malaika Arora, who also participated in a vigorous form of exercise.

1. relieve stress

Malaika Arora says meditation helps her relieve stress. According to Harvard Health Publishing, regular meditation is more beneficial for reducing stress than taking a vacation!

2. Improve focus

Women tend to find themselves at crossroads many times. They have a lot of things to manage and take care of. In which the focus on one thing at a time may need to be consciously nudged. That’s what meditation does. Malaika Arora says meditation helps her focus better on everyday life. Meditation is therefore important for your mental health.

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3. Live in the present

It’s very easy to get stuck in a whirlpool of ‘What happens and maybe’ of life! But if you put your mind to the present and live life to the fullest. You will start to appreciate it more than ever. Meditation can help you. “Meditation keeps my mind in the present moment,” says Malaika Arora. Mindfulness meditation practices can help in this particular pursuit.

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4. An influx of positive thoughts

“Meditation is an anchor for my mind to allow positive thoughts to flow in and to let go of negative ones,” says Malaika. The mental health benefit of meditation is that you can improve your self-image and attitude. Helps build self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness. As we become more aware of ourselves We tend to be more clear about what is right and what is wrong.

Daily Meditation Volume

It’s different from the 30-minute workouts you need every day. You may find that meditation doesn’t have to block out much time every day. If we follow Malaika Arora’s advice, adding at least 5 minutes of meditation to your daily self-care routine could work wonders for you! Ready to try it? Follow this beginner guide and learn how to meditate.

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