Nighttime Skincare: Why You Need to Change Your Pillowcase Every Week

Your skin care regimen isn’t limited to cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Yes, you heard that right! In addition to adding a layer of product to your skin. You’ll also need to stick to a nightly skin care routine that changes your pillowcases weekly. You sleep all night on a pillow and your skin is in close contact with it, so having a clean pillowcase can have a long-term effect on the health of your skin. Because you sleep on pillowcases every day.

HealthShots contacted Dr. Akta Bajaj, Senior Counselor and Division Head, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, to understand why not changing your pillowcase weekly can be dangerous.

6 Reasons Your Nighttime Skincare Plan Needs a Neat Pillowcase

Experts share six reasons why changing your pillowcases weekly is good for your skin over the long term, so make it part of your nighttime skincare routine.

Change your pillowcase weekly.
Change your pillow weekly for the best skin and hair! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. You are in direct contact with your pillowcase.

“Your pillowcase is in direct contact with you,” says Dr. Bajaj. This means that your pillowcase is prone to oil, dirt and sweat from everyday use. This can build up bacteria that cause acne and even cause skin allergies.”

We all follow a night time skin care regime. Sometimes, post that, the first thing we do is hit the bed and take a nap. The serums, creams and lotions that we apply to the skin are transferred to the pillow. This causes regular accumulation on pillowcases as we mentioned earlier. You’ll never know the source of those pesky pimples in a dirty pillowcase.

2. You may use fabric softener.

“Even if you clean your pillowcase. you just have to be careful Fabric softeners can be harmful to your skin, so avoid using fabric softeners of any kind. Fabric softener is the problem with your pores,” says Dr. Bajaj.

3. Be mindful of the fabric you choose.

Your hair can be affected if you ignore the type of fabric you use. For example, cotton can cause split ends and hair breakage. Try switching to lightweight fabrics like silk that are good for both hair and skin health.

4. In addition to dirt or oil Dust mites can also cause problems.

as well as dirt and oil Dust mites or bed bugs can also build up in your pillow over time. In addition to washing pillowcases on a regular basis It can also help to use a protector between the pillow and pillowcase.

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pimples on the skin
You can avoid breakouts with a healthy nightly skin care routine. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Germs on your pillow can affect your immunity.

according to some experts Germs on your pillowcase can weaken your immune system, explains Dr. Bajaj. Getting your own silk pillowcases is recommended, as bacteria can’t grow on silk. Any form of germ or bacteria can adversely affect our immunity. Therefore, use a safe pillowcase that is not a breeding ground for bacteria.

6. Pollen residue

Your pillowcase may have pollen trapped in your hair. This means that you will be inhaling allergens at night. This can cause symptoms such as asthma.

Reason enough to change pillowcases often, isn’t it?

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