Postpartum weight loss: when to start exercising

When Vaginal Birth Is Not an Option Women had to bring their babies into this world by caesarean section (c-section) or caesarean section. A surgical procedure that delivers a baby through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus, 2021 research from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows is a relatively common procedure. It said the use of the procedure continues to increase globally, with more than a fifth of all deliveries being delivered by caesarean section. It is even said that recovery time may take some time. While mothers continue to focus on their newborns. They also thought about losing weight after caesarean section. But you shouldn’t start exercising right after your caesarean section. experts say

HealthShots connects with fitness coach Sohrab Khushrashahi, who says a new mom’s body goes through a beautiful but painful experience during labor. Therefore, they should focus on taking baby steps on the path to health and fitness. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself after a caesarean section.

Exercise after surgery
Go easy on your weight loss after a C-section. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

When should I start exercising after surgery?

before starting training You must obtain a medical certificate first. In the case of cesarean section You have to start about 8-10 weeks after giving birth, Kushrushahi said. when you start you will start slowly and focuses on restoring core and pelvic function. Breath function plays a huge role in your recovery process as well. Then you start exercising to get fitter every day. and when you walk down that path The weight you lose will disappear by itself. It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself and not exceed what your body can do.

Exercises Women Can Do After Caesarean Section

It all depends on how well you’ve recovered. Initially, you should focus on total body movements that will mimic everyday activities.

Exercise after surgery
You can do squats several weeks after your caesarean section. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Here are some exercises you can do –

1. Squat

Squats are one of the true tests of strength. And it combines most of the leg muscles together. experts say Bodyweight squats are a great way to tone your figure. It’s a good way to start. When your body is strong You can gain weight

How do you do squats?

• Stand shoulder-width apart.
• Make sure your feet are firmly pressed against the floor. So when you build force from the ground This means that you use all your feet.
• Once you’ve established your posture, squeeze your butt, pushing your feet into the floor.
• Your shoulders and upper back should be tight. The wrists are straight and the elbows are slightly under the bar or behind the bar. (for barbell squats)
• Do not start with your knees bent first. This will put the load on your quad muscles. This can result in mild knee pain for many people. Push your butt back and land with your back flat, knees out, and shins vertical.
• Try to squat parallel, i.e. try to keep your butt below your knees even though parallel to the knee
• As you stand up Keep squeezing your butt and rebuilding your starting position.

2. Bent over the row.

Increasing your backstroke strength can also help you successfully lift your first body weight. which is a challenging exercise

How to bend a row?

• Place your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent.
• Bend your hips forward. so that the body is almost parallel to the ground and keep your eyes focused on the ground shortly before your feet
• Pull the dumbbells toward your body and your elbows should point up with your wrists straight.
• Maintain a stable body position and don’t shrug your shoulders. Swing your torso, extend your neck, extend your knees or raise your toes to help pull the weight.
• On the way down, extend your elbows as far as possible.

3. Shoulder press

Strong shoulders are a good base for any exercise and are very important when it comes to overall body strength. A lot of people neglect the function of their shoulders. And that can lead to injury and subsequent complications. experts say

How do shoulder presses work?

• in the shoulder press Posture is important, so make sure your feet are about hip-width apart. Arms are vertical and not flared. with a balanced dumbbell in the center of your palm
• Make sure you press the weight straight overhead. pull your shoulders back Squeeze your buttocks and stomach tight. If using a bar You need to move your head around the bar, not the bar around your head.
• Make sure you do not bend or lean back while lifting.
• As you lock your elbows on top Keep pushing your head through your arms back into a neutral position.

4. Farmer’s Handbag

The farmer’s carry is aimed at your body. It improves stability, grip and balance and is a great move to include in your regime.

How does Farmer’s carry?

• Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Place a set of dumbbells or kettlebells on the floor by each foot.
• Squat down and grab a weight in each hand.
• Brace your core and pull your shoulder blades down and back as you stand back up. return to an upright position
• Take a step forward and start walking, holding your head back, shoulders back. and exercise the core muscles of the body
• Keep walking for the time or distance you want.

Try not to jump or do anything too drastic after giving birth. Your body will need to be restored first. Be sure to talk to a fitness professional and doctor before you start exercising.

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