Remove buccal fat Beauty plastic surgery netizens go crazy

While many people talk about beauty trends in late 2022, one beauty step that always pops up is buccal fat removal. Some famous names were thrown in too. But only model Chrissy Teigen owns this. Buccal fat removal surgery still clings to many people’s lips due to social media trends. Some give thumbs up and some are still skeptical about cosmetic surgery. Let’s see what this news flow is about. And if buccal fat reduction surgery is the way to achieve perfect cheek shape?

HealthShots contacted Dr Rashmi Taneja, Director of Plastic Surgery. Visit Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi for all the information about Buccal Fat Removal Surgery.

Buccal fat removal surgery
Buccal fat removal surgery is one of the most talked about cosmetic surgeries. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

What is buccal fat removal surgery?

You must have noticed the fat between your jawbone and cheekbones. That’s buccal fat. Some women don’t mind. But some people want their cheeks to look less swollen. Dr. Taneja explains that buccal fat removal involves removing “the Bichat fat pad, which is one of the deep fat pads in the cheek that sit between the cheek muscles.”

Is buccal liposuction good?

It’s true that there are people who suspect that celebrities go for buccal fat reduction surgery. Another common question is Is it good to get rid of buccal fat? Experts say buccal fat removal is normal. But before planning surgery You must understand that it is an incurable process.

Buccal fat does not return after surgery.

If talking about getting rid of fat We often wonder if it will come back after a while. Buccal fat removal surgery is not like that. because when the buccal fat is removed will not return after surgery It’s a buccal fat sac and won’t form or build up once it’s removed.

Buccal fat removal surgery
Buccal fat removal surgery has side effects. Try facial exercises instead. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Side effects of buccal liposuction surgery

You can say goodbye to puffy cheeks with buccal fat removal surgery. But there are two main drawbacks. Removing the buccal fat patches can make your face look thinner. and can increase your age by several years.

You can always try facial exercises to sharpen your jaw if surgery doesn’t work for you.

The appropriate age for buccal fat removal surgery

If you have a round face with fuller cheeks and still want to try injections, Dr. Taneja says that the best age for plastic surgery is usually in your mid-20s. of the face more and get a more fit face

Recovery after buccal liposuction surgery

Buccal fatectomy is usually performed from the inside of the cheek or mouth and involves stitching the inside of the cheek.

• After surgery, there will be swelling and discomfort while eating. Therefore, you will need to eat a bland diet for 1 week to 10 days until the wound heals.
• It is important to maintain good oral hygiene while treatment is taking place. (oral health tips)

Buccal fat will not harm you in any way. But if you still want to have surgery Do it only after a long consultation with your doctor. Social media frenzy shouldn’t be the reason for this irreversible cosmetic surgery.

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