Studies show that edible flowers have health benefits.

Dark brown chocolate cake looks beautiful with colorful flowers. Even the cheesecake with tiny pink edible flowers It still looks more appetizing. The same goes for tea cups and salad bowls. in some cultures Fresh flowers are also eaten as snacks. especially children They are said to be loved by children for their sweet taste thanks to nectar. Nowadays, more and more people, especially chefs, use edible flowers in their cooking. They are loved not only for their aesthetic qualities. but also because of the health benefits of edible flowers. Now studies have proven that it helps fight disease and promotes golden health.

According to MDPI, the new study combines data on more than 250 plant species and examines several edible flowers used in some countries around the Mediterranean. Its inclusion in various traditional foods and medicines and health effects

Edible flowers were found to be identified as beneficial for their nutritional properties. as well as the content of antioxidants It can play an important role in promoting health and preventing different types of diseases.

Tips for making rose water
Roses are one of the healthiest edible flowers. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots contacted Mohini Dongre, Senior Dietitian at Narayana Hospital, Gurugram, to find out what the health benefits of edible flowers can be.

Edible flowers help in the fight against disease.

Elderflowers have been found to be effective in fighting degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and inflammation. and cancer and diabetes according to the MDPI. Other interesting edible flowers include the pseudo-acacia plant (black locust), and its flowers have been found to be rich in antioxidant polyphenols. and anti-tumor It has been used to treat colds, calm, or even improve general health. Dongre shares that plants such as daucus carota, picrorhiza kurroa, bombax ceiba, and Andrographis paniculata help with cardiovascular disease.

A flower commonly found in India with health benefits.

We’ve seen pink, yellow, and lavender flowers on plates. It’s time to know the name and health benefits. According to experts, Marigolds help heal bruises. Rose reduces the risk of heart disease. Lavender is known for hair growth. and lilies help prevent chronic headaches.

Eating Habits to Avoid Indigestion
do not eat raw flowers Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

How to eat edible flowers?

You may be wondering if it’s a good idea to wash them and eat them like fruit or if they should be eaten along with other foods. Experts suggest that the edible flowers can be used in syrup. And rose petals can also be used in desserts.

Avoid eating raw flowers.

As a child, you probably ate rose petals. But it’s not the best idea to eat the flowers raw because you could become infected after eating them, Dongre said, which can cause unpleasant symptoms such as mouth and skin irritation and sores, fungal infections, vomiting, diarrhea and even seizures.

Next time you decide to forgo edible flowers from your diet. Think of all the health benefits. And why shouldn’t this flower be just a garnish or ingredient to decorate your dish?

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