This is why eating burnt food is not healthy

in the morning rush Might end up eating burnt bread. You don’t have to think much and just drink a glass of milk or juice. even family home evening You still like to eat slightly burnt meat. It might seem harmless now. But you should avoid burnt food. over the years Efforts are being made to find a link between burnt food and cancer. It may not mean that you will get cancer if you eat burnt food. But there can be health problems if you don’t avoid eating charred foods.

To find out if eating burnt food is good or bad, HealthShots connects with holistic health coach Azhar Ali Sayed.

burnt food
Cooking on high heat must be done carefully. Image Courtesy: Freepik

Should you avoid eating burnt food?

when we start cooking We will see a change in food. not only softer But it also undergoes many chemical changes during cooking. All this makes it suitable for human consumption. It turns out that heat speeds up chemical reactions that have both positive and negative effects on the meal. Overcooking can also cause food to scorch or scorch. It releases compounds like acrylamide that are bad for our health.

Lauren Robin, a chemist with the Food and Drug Administration, said during high-temperature cooking Acrylamide can form in certain foods, such as potatoes, cereals, coffee and bread, which the Food and Drug Administration has identified to cause cancer in animals exposed to high doses of acrylamide. a lot But there is no consistent evidence about the effect of dietary acrylamide on cancer in humans. Still, acrylamide is considered a human health concern by the US National Toxicology Program and Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives

burnt food and acrylamide

Although steam cooking can be useful But acrylamide synthesis can be ignited by several common cooking methods. This includes cooking methods such as baking, barbecuing, grilling, frying, broiling or grilling. But because it uses less oil These cooking methods are therefore touted as healthy.

Although there is not enough evidence that acrylamide can cause cancer. But experts recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that are high in fiber. And avoid high sugar, salty, fatty and processed foods to stay healthy. You can also try cancer-preventing foods.

Burnt food tends to add flavor.

There are some people who like to eat burnt food. Because it enhances the flavor, Sayed says the Maillard reaction is the mechanism that causes the food’s browning and specific flavor. So it enhances the taste of food.

burnt food
Burnt bread is not a healthy choice. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Precautions when choosing a high heat cooking method

Home cooking can be easy and healthy. But always keep an eye on the timing. Sayed says nutrient losses increase with cooking time because some vitamins are heat sensitive.

Here’s what to do when you use the high heat cooking method.

• While using high heat cooking techniques It is important to cook only until golden brown. It’s not dark brown or scorched.
• To speed up the cooking time of meat and vegetables. Let it be boiled before use.

Whether it’s grilling, grilling, boiling, baking or frying, just keep these points in mind to avoid burning your food and preserving its flavor.

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