This is why spinning is good for your hair.

Who doesn’t want smooth, shiny and weighty hair? in fact Many of us have to do almost everything to have healthy hair. From looking for home remedies buying hair care products to try beauty trends Discuss the hair curling trend that is going viral on social media. Let’s find out more about this trend.

To understand the hair turnover process, HealthShots connected with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Rashmi Sharma, Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, Delhi and Dr. Shareefa Chause, Dermatologist, Apollo Spectra, Mumbai.

i ride a bicycle
Try spinning for good hair health. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

What am I riding a bike?

In general, swirling means using different types of products. according to your hair needs, says Dr. Sharma. It also means giving your hair a rest by not coming in contact with harsh ingredients. The advantage of curling is that women with all hair types and textures can do it.

hair cycling routine

All you have to do is rotate different types of hair care products. to get the most out of it But it’s more than just reaching for your favorite hair care products or shampoo. Dr Chause says you need to create a hair care routine specifically catered to your hair and scalp. Repeated use of similar products is not encouraged. Repeated use of the same type of product may solve one problem But it caused another problem. Using too much conditioner can cause more oil to build up, says Dr. Sharma (how to use conditioner).

first wash

for the first wash Go detox with a clarifying shampoo. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

second wash

The focus should be on repairing and strengthening your hair. Amino acid-rich repair or bonding shampoos can be used to manipulate texture.

the third wash

Maybe it’s about styling. So use the best styling products. You can use a lot of product and conditioner. Mousse or hairspray are other options.

After every cycle, wait at least 5 days. Dr Chause says that hair cycling is great for anyone looking to improve scalp and hair health. Reduce irritation to the scalp and reduce hair loss. Here are some of the problems that might occur if you use the same product over and over again. That’s why rotating hair care products is the way to healthy hair.

i ride a bike
Follow these tips for healthy hair. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

hair care tips

Although drying your hair will save your strands. But you should follow these tips for healthy hair.

• Avoid chemical treatments such as smoothing, straightening, coloring and drying (drying tips to protect your hair).
• Air dry after shampooing.
• Use a shampoo that cleanses gently and avoids harsh ingredients.
• Good nutrition is important. Therefore, eat a high-protein diet and drink plenty of water.
• Get a head massage twice a week. Don’t oil your hair too much.
• Use methi and curd-based hair masks for dry hair.

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