This is why Thandai is a healthy drink in summer.

Summer is almost here! And what could be better than cooling off with a cold drink? This traditional Indian drink is not only delicious. But it’s also loaded with health benefits, so if you want to quench your thirst and boost your health at the same time. Read on to discover the many benefits of tandai. Prepare to sip for good health!

Thandai is a cool, refreshing drink made with nuts, seeds, spices and milk. Thandai, as its name comes from thanda (cool), thandai is a popular drink in North India, especially during the festival of Holi. Holi would not be complete. If you don’t have a glass of chilled water right away But there’s a reason we start drinking right away at this festival. Holi represents the change in weather from winter to summer. And our immune system needs protection during this time. And Thandai help!

Thandai is the perfect summer drink! Image Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor

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Let’s look at the benefits of a ladder in the summer.

1. Cooling properties

Thandai has cooling properties that make it an ideal drink for a hot summer day. “Thandai is made using natural ingredients such as fennel seeds, melon seeds, rose petals and almonds, which have cooling properties. improve digestion It is also a rich source of protein and vitamin E,” said Kayatri Trakhru from Ruby Hall Clinic.

2. Digestive Benefits

Thandai is also helpful in digestion. The spices used in Thandai, such as cardamom, black pepper and saffron, aid in digestion and reduce bloating and gas. Thandai is also a good drink to drink after a heavy meal. because it accelerates the digestion process The cardamom found in Dandai is helpful in digestion. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology It has been found that cardamom has a significant gastrointestinal protective effect. And can help reduce the incidence of stomach ulcers.

food for digestion
You can eat it to help digestion after meals too! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Nutritious

Thandai is a nutritious drink packed with nutrients. Nuts and seeds used in tandai, such as almonds, pistachios and black sesame seeds, are rich in healthy fats, protein and fiber. Thandai also contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.

4. Moisturizing

Thandai is a great drink to keep you hydrated on hot summer days. It is a drink that replenishes lost body fluids. Thandai is also a great drink to drink after exercise. because it keeps your body hydrated Milk, which is the main ingredient in flour It is known to be a good source of hydration. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that milk was more effective than water or sports drinks at hydrating your body after exercise.

5. Good for the Immune System

Thandai is known to boost the immune system. “Whenever the climate changes Our immunity will be affected. Thandai is one drink that can improve immunity and gut health,” says Trakru. rich in antioxidants which helps strengthen your immune system and protect your body from various diseases.

Saffron for Immunity
Instant saffron is a great immune booster! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Relax

Black sesame seeds used in Thandai have been found to have soothing properties. A study published in According to the International Journal of Toxicology, black sesame seeds have a sedative effect on the body and can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Less added sugar and instant, it’s a healthy choice. Nutritionists explain that this extraordinary drink has many benefits. And it’s definitely a better alternative to fizzy and fizzy summer drinks.

Tandai is a good drink to drink in the summer. after a heavy meal or after exercise So the next time you want to quench your thirst, don’t go for a booze and try it right away!

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