Treadmill Exercise: Is It Safer Than Walking or Running?

Sorry, I always thought you had to run on a treadmill! I’m shocked that people can do lunges and other exercises. while on the treadmill I always reserve it on the floor because I can’t do these exercises even if I want to. (Thanks to my clumsiness!) Exercise on the treadmill looks like a killer. But I don’t know if it’s the safest form of exercise.

Although I avoid it for obvious reasons. But if you’re still thinking about different treadmill workouts. This might help!

Is it safe to exercise on a treadmill?

From Hollywood to Bollywood Many celebrities are exercising on the treadmill. But it’s not a common method! You’ll see some people running on the treadmill leaning forward, others exercising while sitting on the treadmill, and so on.

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Is it safe to exercise on a treadmill? Image Courtesy: Freepik

Well-known fitness trainer Sohrab Khusrushahi says that without proper supervision or guidance, you can lose weight. Exercising on a treadmill can lead to injury. People tend to imitate their favorite celebrities. But it doesn’t always work. You should know that they are at different fitness levels. Because they are familiar with these exercises in general. They also do these exercises under the supervision of a fitness trainer.

“I don’t think the treadmill is to blame for any type of injury. It is a person who needs to be aware of not only his own abilities. But how much can be pushed? So a structured program always helps, no matter who you are,” adds the fitness expert.

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Easy Treadmill Exercises You Can Do

If walking or running isn’t something you want to do on the treadmill? You should try other variations. Although there are many exercises that you can do. But here are some treadmill exercises you can try. (of course under supervision if you are a beginner)

  • Walk and run on your toes.
  • side shift
  • switch sides
  • walking plank
  • walk backwards
  • walk uphill
  • Mix both – Walk uphill backwards.
  • Treadmill
exercise on a treadmill
Is it safe to exercise on a treadmill? Image Courtesy: Freepik

Things to note!

Sohrab Khushrushahi suggests that you can do things. You can get a lot when it comes to treadmills. You can walk, run, run and shuffle! You can set the pace of your run up and down. But all this is safe. The key here is following your pace.
Don’t try to do too much too quickly. experts recommend Even if you do a lot of work But you have to understand that you can’t run too fast too fast.

“First you have to be able to walk, walk fast, jog, run, then run, then take it from there. So instead of following someone You may even understand your abilities and step out of there,” concludes the fitness expert.

Make sure you exercise caution and do several variations of the treadmill under the supervision of a fitness coach.

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