Try these 3 summer fruits that help relieve joint pain.

when mercury levels rise We are always on the lookout for fruits that cool us down. But summer fruit is much more than that. Did you know that summer fruits can help you relieve pain? It turns out that natural, original desserts are full of benefits that can help you with joint pain and more. While all fruits have a number of properties that support your overall health. But some fruits deserve special attention in helping you recover from joint pain.

Nmami Agarwal, a New Delhi-based nutritionist, posts on her Instagram to share three delicious summer fruits that can help with joint pain.

3 hot fruits to relieve joint pain

With cold storage, almost all food is available year-round. But nothing beats eating fresh, seasonal fruit. In fact, every health expert recommends eating seasonal fruits. Let’s get to know the different types of summer fruits. that you can add to your diet to treat joint pain better

Agarwal recommends adding black jamun, cherries and pulsa. These three fruits should be part of your summer diet for the following reasons.

1. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

if you are at risk for osteoporosis You should put cherries Especially tart cherries in your diet. A study published in the Journal of Food Studies found that cherries have properties that can reduce inflammation and joint pain. Nutritionist shares cherries have anti-inflammatory properties that help you manage joint conditions, including osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

benefits of cherries
Cherries for Joint Pain Management Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that your body produces and that you get from your diet. They help protect your cells from severe damage. Cherries, black jamun, and pulsa are rich sources of antioxidants. not only that But it also contains vitamins C and E that fight free radicals and reduce inflammation and joint damage. A nutritionist wrote a caption under the picture.

3. Loaded with anthocyanin-rich compounds

Cherries, black jamun and pulsa contain anthocyanin-rich compounds. It is a group of antioxidants found in red, purple or black fruits. Anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. which reduces inflammation Thereby reducing the risk of bone problems.

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4. Vitamin C content

Black cherries and jamun are good sources of vitamin C. which is an important nutrient that helps in the production of collagen Collagen is a protein that forms the connective tissues in your joints and helps reduce your chances of developing joint problems.

5. It has pain relief effect.

Studies have shown that cherries, black jamun and phalsa have pain-relieving effects. A study published in Nutrients found that cherries have properties that can help relieve pain. Pulsa and black jamun can also help relieve pain.

Summer fruits for joint pain
These summer fruits may help you recover from joint pain. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

However, more research is needed to confirm that the fruit’s compounds may help modulate pain perception, Agarwal added.

record: Although these fruits are healthy and nutritious, But you shouldn’t rely on these fruits to get rid of joint pain. Include it in your diet in conjunction with medication. weight control proper test eating a balanced diet and exercise regularly So check with your doctor again before making any changes. in your food

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