What no-equipment exercises can help you lose belly fat?

Often belly fat is the main reason most of us start exercising. Carefully look in the mirror, and that’s it – the visual signs of obesity we seem to have the most trouble with. The struggle to lose belly fat Find exercises that target belly fat. and search the portal to find out “How to get rid of belly fat” But is it possible to get rid of fat around the belly?

It’s time to reveal the truth and the answer is NO! There is no exercise or routine that will burn belly fat! Spot fat reduction is a myth. So if someone promises you a no-equipment workout or a workout to burn belly fat. Be aware that they may try to distort your idea of ​​fitness.

how to reduce belly fat
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How to effectively reduce belly fat

There is no way to lose belly fat. It should be a mix of healthy habits. Easy ways to reduce belly fat But the good results are as follows:

1. Reduce overall fat

Our bodies are built in such a way that we gain fat all over the body. and reduce body fat any diet or exercise It does not target any specific part of the body. The results of your exercise routines are displayed consistently. So if you want to burn belly fat. no specific exercise You need to start exercising for overall fitness and see results. It may take some time due to some related things like belly fat. are stubborn and show signs of losing fat too slowly But if you exercise regularly and are active. You will soon see results.

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2. Track your calorie intake.

The only exercise you need to learn to burn belly fat is tracking your calories. To effectively maintain a calorie-deficient diet You need to keep track of the calories of everything you eat in a day. from the tea/coffee or fruit you eat in a day to every ingredient you use to cook (ghee/oil, vegetable, paneer, etc.)
Keeping calorie counts below total daily energy expenditure Consistently monitoring your calories burned (the number of calories your body burns every day) for a few weeks will help you see a decrease in body fat. And over time, you’ll see a difference in your belly fat too. There is a chance that the results will show slowly. But patience and consistency will soon begin to show results.

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3. Follow a diet that is deficient in calories.

The calorie deficit diet is the only solution to total fat/weight loss. whether you exercise or not You can start by calculating your total energy expenditure per day. The trick is to consume fewer calories per day, or burn more calories than you consume in a day, and consistently enter a calorie deficit. This can be done by restructuring your daily diet or burning calories through activities such as running, jogging, weight training, etc., while maintaining your calorie deficit. Your body will begin shedding those extra pounds.

Calorie content
Follow a low-calorie diet to lose belly fat. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

So, the best exercise you can do to burn belly fat is to push your plate of calories away. No equipment needed Just a little effort and mindful habits that you can build over time. Controlling and measuring calories is your way to burn belly fat, i.e. total body fat. Follow and maintain a low-calorie diet and exercise routine that works for your body type, lifestyle, and eating habits. So it becomes easier and a no-brainer for you to achieve your goal!

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