Will the COVID nasal vaccine be a game-changer as more cases become available?

COVID-19 virus still prevalent in many countries which terrified officials in India. Before the Coronavirus Panic Government of India approves COVID nasal vaccine The report suggests that India is the first country in the world to approve the emergency use of nasal vaccines. Because vaccination is still your best defense against serious disease. Therefore, booster vaccination, which is a vaccine given to patients after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, should be given. The first two doses

Wondering what the nasal vaccine is and how it works? We have answers for you! Health Imaging Contact Dr. Suruchi Mandrekar, Consultant Internal Medicine at Manipal Hospital in Baner-Pune, for more information.

nasal vaccine for covid
Are nasal vaccines effective? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What is the nasal vaccine for COVID?

for beginners Government of India approves nasal vaccine for COVID-19 It will act as a different booster. The vaccine, named iNCOVACC, will be added to the Co-win portal so people can access it in an emergency. The nasal coronavirus vaccine will be accessible to private institutions as part of the vaccination campaign.

“The nasal vaccine is similar to covacin and is a carrier vaccine, so the same adenovirus is modified and created in a way that does no harm but instead provides immunity.”

According to reports, the nasal vaccine is given in two doses as a main dose and a booster dose over 28 days.

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How does the COVID nasal vaccine work?

Previously, people were given a liquid-filled vaccine that was injected into their nerves. Now, Bharat Biotech, a Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company, has launched a nasal COVID vaccine. which is injected into the nose

Dr Mandrekar explains, “The nasal vaccine has just been launched. This will work very well as an immunomodulator. It also boosts the immunity of the nasal area, where the virus enters the body. There were two trials – Phase 1 and Phase 2, so we are yet to see an impact on larger populations.”

nasal vaccine for covid
Is the nasal vaccine effective against Covid-19? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Nasal vaccines are effective against new strains.

With new strains reappearing and leading the epidemic in countries such as China, the United States and the United Kingdom. India is also strengthening its controls and ensuring that the virus remains under control, as it has in the past year. New booster shock launch could be a boon amid growing concerns

Dr Mandregar stressed the efficacy of the vaccine. “While a new strain of COVID is appearing This nasal vaccine is very effective. Because most of our population is already vaccinated. This subspecies of Omicron is not very lethal. Because we have developed immunity against this virus.”

Are there any side effects of the nasal vaccine?

because it is administered through the nose Experts say that it is “A good step in fighting the virus and will not have any side effects according to phase 2 clinical trials.”

She added that the nasal vaccine is given as an adjunct, so people who get the vaccine and have no side effects are unlikely to experience side effects.

During this time, you should wear a mask. keep the distance and wash your hands clean and hygienic

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