Yoga for Kids: 5 Poses to Help Your Child Lose Weight

have time for children Go for a bike ride with friends, go for a walk, or play sports, but with so many high-rise buildings coming up and fewer places for kids to play, it’s a good idea. Sometimes it can be difficult for children to move around. Nowadays, many children spend a lot of time on smartphones or TVs. Because of the behavior of sitting and not doing activities that require a lot of energy. So many children gain weight. Yoga for kids is a great way to keep your child physically and mentally active.

Health Shots Connect with Dr. Mickey Mehta, the world’s leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach. To know which yoga asana is best for kids.

Here are 5 yoga asanas for kids who want to lose weight.


1. Inhale. Spread your feet about 1 meter away. Raise both hands to shoulder level.
2. Slowly bend your right side until your right hand reaches your right foot. Your left arm should be straight in line with your right hand.
3. Your palm should be facing forward and you should see it along the fingers of your left forearm.
4. Hold this pose for about a minute, if possible, breathing normally.
5. Slowly come back to the first step and repeat on your left side.

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Benefits of Trikonasana

In addition to helping you lose weight. This asana also improves the flexibility of the spine. said Dr. Mehta. It also helps prevent flat feet and helps stretch and open up the hips. Hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest and spine


1. Spread your legs about 1 meter apart.
2. Inhale. Raise hands to shoulder level, parallel to the floor. Palms facing down.
3. Exhale, then stabilize your legs on the floor. Twist to the right with your right hand straight and your left hand bent at the elbow near your chest.
4. Simultaneously, twist your neck and look at the tip of your right hand.
5. Hold this pose for a few seconds and come back while inhaling.

Benefits of Vakrasana

It improves the flexibility of your spine and massages your abdominal muscles and organs.


1. Stand straight, legs together.
2. Inhale, then slowly raise your arms, extending your torso from the waist.
3. Exhale, then bend forward by stretching from your lower back and bending down until your palms touch the floor. while doing so Try touching your forehead to your knees.
4. Do not bend your knees and hold the last pose for about a minute, breathing normally.
5. Inhale and slowly extend your arms.
6. Exhale, then lower your arms and relax.

Benefits of the Patimokkha

Experts say it strengthens the spine and leg muscles. It improves digestion and reduces abdominal fat while improving blood flow to the head region.

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Your child will benefit a lot from practicing yoga. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Bhavana Muktasana

1. Lie on your back and keep your legs straight.
2. Inhale slowly. Lift your legs up to 45 degrees.
3. Now exhale and bend your legs at your knees up to your chest until your thighs touch your stomach. Hug your knees and lock your fingers.
4. Slowly raise your head and try to touch the tip of your nose to your knee. Hold this position for 30 seconds, but you can stretch it up to a minute depending on your ability.
5. Inhale, lower your head, straighten your legs and relax.

Benefits of Bhavanamai

If your child has stomach problems such as indigestion or acidity Bhavana Muktasana is very helpful. It is a great practice to strengthen your abdominal organs.

Garuda Asana

1. Stand straight, then slowly shift your weight onto your left leg. Then try to put the right thigh on the left thigh. Try hooking your right foot behind your left calf or on the floor.
2. Cross your left elbow over your right and try to touch your palms together.
3. Try counting to 10 balance and repeat on the other side.

Benefits of Garuda

Improves focus and concentration and helps to tone the body experts say

last word

Health is believed to be the greatest alliance. And through this, your child’s mind, heart and soul can dance and celebrate together, so let the journey of celebration begin with encouraging your child to adopt. yoga and create effective exercises

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