Yoga Outdoors: Good or Bad amid Air Pollution?

Actor Saiyami Kher has recently been in the spotlight for the rise in air pollution and its adverse effects on those who run or exercise outdoors. Poor air quality has become a major concern in big cities. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi According to the Central Pollution Control Board Delhi’s overall air quality index (AQI) surpassed 290 at the end of February. That means the AQI is bad. An AQI between zero and 50 is considered good. but let’s get real With so many vehicles on the road and burning crops. therefore it is impossible to categorize it. Does that mean you lock yourself in and stop exercising outside? No, you can still benefit from practicing yoga outdoors.

HealthShots connects with Dr. Mickey Mehta, the world’s leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach, to find out if yoga is better outdoors or in your studio or at home.

outdoor yoga
Outdoor yoga is great for you. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors

Running outdoors with poor air quality can be a problem for runners. likewise Air pollution may prevent you from taking your yoga mat outside and doing asanas, but Dr. Mehta says you can still benefit from yoga outdoors.

1. Doing yoga outdoors gives you energy.

When you do yoga outside You will be exposed to sunlight that will recharge your energy. According to experts, the sun shines bright and gives you a lot of light. The abundance of elements and relatively clean air give you high energy and high enthusiasm.

2. In line with the international rhythm

Finding a spot full of greenery in big cities is difficult But try to find a place that is quite green. in the rhythm of nature When you mimic nature Your unit’s tempo synchronizes with the international tempo.

3. Strengthens the lungs

The health benefits of yoga are something that should not be underestimated. And practicing yoga outdoors means inhaling better quality oxygen. with better oxygen You will inhale and exhale more. This improves the performance of your heart.

4. Good amount of vitamin D

We know that vitamin D is essential for strong bones. There are ways to increase vitamin D levels quickly. It turns out that sun exposure is one of the best ways to get the right amount of vitamin D. You’ll get plenty of vitamin D if you practice yoga outside.

outdoor yoga
Yoga outside is better than inside. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Do these benefits work in polluted areas?

Dr. Medha said that if the outside area is polluted It’s still better than the interior space. Within the pollution did not get a chance and a chance to spread out. outside, sunshine and air Pollution is much diluted, yes, of course, further outside the electromagnetic field of the oscillating element. You can thrive in spite of pollution. experts explain

The best time to do yoga

overnight The body repairs, heals and regenerates while having enough energy reserves for first thing in the morning. Experts recommend exercising on an empty stomach after cleansing your colon. The maximum oxygen a tree releases during the day may be beneficial and beneficial to you to keep you alive.

doing yoga indoors with trees

Indoor yoga with trees can be an alternative idea. But it shouldn’t be the first main idea. practicing yoga in the open air open as much as possible in the middle of sunlight Under the open sky, around the trees and the chirping birds.

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